6 K-Pop Idols We’d Love To See Star In K-Dramas

K-pop idols are masters of singing, dancing, and entertaining, but don’t you ever wonder how they would do on screen? Or perhaps you have gotten a glimpse through a cameo and have thought up a million other roles that you would love to plonk them in? Well, you’re in the right place, because same here. And we have collated a wishlist of some of the idols we’d love to see in a K-drama and the roles they’d fit swimmingly into. With the number of idols who have transitioned into bona fide actors and actresses, here’s to hoping our Christmas wishlist gets answered!

1. Red Velvet’s Irene

While most will remember Irene’s band-mate Joy for being the lead actress in “Tempted,” surprise surprise, it turns out the leader herself has some hidden acting chops up her sleeves as well! The petite star last starred in the web drama “Female Employees of a Game Company,” looking as young and fresh as a college student in over-sized glasses and cute sweaters, and we are dying to see her back on screen.

If any PD has a historical drama (sageuk) in the pipelines, my vote’s definitely going to Irene! Irene might exude a more polished, mature aura about her, but she has shown that she can break past that to slip into character seamlessly, so I would love to see her in a role that is more expressive and bubbly.

Maybe one which allows her to be the secret goofball that we all know she is?

2. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Now I think every BLINK on the surface of the planet will be familiar with “Sae Na Rae” from the fantasy drama “Arthdal Chronicles,” but that cameo role only made me more resolute that Jisoo needs more! She might already be known as the actress of the group, but seeing a mere peek of that acting potential just wasn’t enough.

I would love to see her challenging her limits with a role that no one expects her to be in. How about a cold but super strong military recruit who kicks butt at abseiling and karate (I admit to getting a tad inspired from Jisoo’s cuteness zip-lining in BLACKPINK House!)?

Jisoo’s massively talented, and a role that banks on more than just her looks and sweet image will definitely show that off to the world.

3. TWICE’s Jeongyeon

Besides wowing fans anew with her fairy-like visuals at brand appearances recently, Jeongyeon definitely has a certain chameleon-like quality that can lend itself well to acting.

After being used to seeing her with short hair and presenting a more tomboy image in contrast to the other TWICE members, it was like meeting another person the first time I saw her in longer hair and girly clothes! She fits into both so well that it got me thinking about the other ‘roles’ that Jeongyeon looks like she could effortlessly evolve into.

And it doesn’t hurt that she has an actress for a big sister as well! While Jeongyeon has been hesitant about delving into acting, I’m sure ONCEs will be there to support her if she ever makes a leap for it.

A cute cheerleader? A pro rugby player? How about both!

4. BTS’s Jungkook

So this is kind of inspired from their fan-sign event when Jungkook cast his band-mates into different K-drama roles, and while he proclaimed himself to be behind the scenes as the director, I can totally see BTS’s Golden Maknae in a college, coming-of-age drama role!

Just as he excels in every skill an idol might possibly need, I’m sure the maknae will not disappoint if he were ever cast in a drama.

Plus, it will be lovely to see his reel-life transformation from a bumbling college student into a mature and sensitive man (don’t his recent longer locks give him a more mature vibe?).

5. EXO’s D.O

D.O. belongs to the straight-faced type who seem to be very reserved, so the first time I saw him act in “Be Positive,” it was like a thunderbolt, seeing how ridiculously gifted he is in morphing into whichever character he takes on — from a desperate college student to a cold and unlikeable prince in “100 Days My Prince.”

While he has already starred in quite a couple of K-dramas, the idol is currently serving in the military, so it will be awhile before we see him take to the screen once more. Nonetheless, when he does, it’ll sure be a treat!

6. NU’EST’s Minhyun

Starring in the musical “Marie Antoinette,” NU’EST’s Minhyun took on the role of a shining prince who is devoted to Marie Antoinette. I thought that it was a good choice, as the role really allowed him to show off those expressive vocals.

We might have seen him as a Swedish count, but who else is wondering how he’ll be like as a Joseon-era prince? I actually thought the prince and crown duality in “The Crowned Clown” would be a good fit for Minhyun, as it both requires him to display a more showy, performance side, and yet, still maintain a seriousness that is very attractive!

Hey Soompiers, how do you think we did casting these K-pop idols? Who are the other idols you think will make a great actor or actress? Share with us in the comments below!

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