AOA Speaks Candidly About Promoting As Five Members On

On November 23, AOA appeared as guests on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything!”

During the show, the girl group talked candidly about being in their eighth year since debut and promoting as five members. Jimin said, “We felt a lot of pressure about going on ‘Queendom.’ It was our first performance after we’d been reorganized as five members, but it was also a competition. That’s why we felt pressured.”

She continued, “I saw online comments like, ‘Hasn’t AOA failed?’ and ‘Why are they coming on the show?’ A lot of the comments were like that. That’s why I thought, ‘Let’s work hard again’ and ‘Let’s show people what we can do.’ It was good motivation. Many people showed us a lot of love, so it feels like we’ve made a comeback.”

Seolhyun shared, “I felt grateful to all the members, but especially Jimin, who contributed to the concepts and direction for our performances.” Jimin added, “Chanmi and her dancing was our center of gravity. She made the rest of us look good.”

Later, Yuna spoke about how she felt like AOA was returning to their roots through “Queendom.” She said, “We practiced the way we used to when we were trainees. We became much closer.” The members then shared what they were all grateful for in each other.

Seo Jang Hoon asked AOA if they received a big contract renewal fee. Chanmi said, “We didn’t receive as much as you think we did” and made people laugh with her disappointed expression. However, she added, “No, we’re happy. We’re happy that we renewed our contract at all.”

Jimin said, “We received enough. I put my renewal fee in my savings account.”

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