Rainbow's Hyunyoung Announces Legal Action Against Malicious Comments

Rainbow’s Hyunyoung has opened up about dealing with malicious comments.

On November 22, the idol uploaded a post on Instagram and shared her thoughts.

The full statement is below:

An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Rudeness for rudeness. Is this wrong?

I’ve worked hard to promote during the 10 years since my debut and suffered from criticism, malicious comments, and sexual harassment for unknown reasons during the entire time I was promoting. But I thought about it positively, thinking that it was better than receiving no interest.

While recently experiencing various incidents, I wondered why I needed to live like this when I didn’t do anything wrong and why I needed to put up with this when my mentality and daily life were growing tired. I’ve never harmed those people, so do I have to put up and live with the harm these people give me just because I’m a celebrity?

Some say that I need to endure at least this much. That I have to endure this amount of malicious comments if I’m a celebrity since it’s a job that involves receiving attention for a living. Why? But why? Besides the fact that we appear before the public, we’re the same people as others who also eat, sleep, chat with friends, and have parents who always love and cheer for us. All of you will feel probably feel upset if someone curses at you for no reason. It’s the same for us because we’re also human.

Think about what it would be like if people whose faces, gender, or age are unknown dislike you for no reason and curse at you. And how saddening, maddening, and horrible it would be. I thought that I needed to put up with and endure this no matter what, but I’m not going to anymore.

I always feel grateful to those who like me and cheer for me even though I’m lacking. I’m not expressive, so I haven’t expressed it a lot, but I always have the feeling of gratitude in my heart while living my life.

To the people who are writing malicious comments, I’m gathering all of them one by one to report and sue you. But if you still want to write them, go ahead.

I sincerely apologize for unwillingly causing an issue, and thank you for reading this long, rambling post.

Everyone, life is already too short even if you only see good things and do good things. Let’s live while paying more attention to ourselves and loving ourselves! Fighting!


Rainbow recently celebrated their 10th debut anniversary with the track “Aurora.”

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