4 Things Viewers Will Miss About “Vagabond”

“Vagabond,” which ended its grand finale after the 16th episode, delivered an ambiguous ending, drawing both regret and anticipation from viewers.


In the final episode that aired on November 23, Cha Dal Gun (Lee Seung Gi) became an international mercenary and entered Black Sun in order to catch Jerome (Yoo Teo) while Go Hae Ri (Suzy) became a lobbyist with Jessica Lee (Moon Jung Hee) to get revenge on behalf of Cha Dal Gun. The open ending shocked viewers, making them hope for a second season that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Amidst the hope for a second series, here are four things about the drama that will leave a lasting impression:

1. Passionate actors who breathed life into unique characters

Lee Seung Gi showed off his high-intensity action acting and wide-ranging emotional acting as Cha Dal Gun, a former stuntman with many dreams, while Suzy earned praise for her detailed acting as Go Hae Ri, a black-ops agent. Shin Sung Rok showed off fierce charisma as Ki Tae Woong, and Moon Jung Hee played the role of femme fatale lobbyist Jessica Lee. Also, Baek Yoon Shik made his presence known with his various expressions and piercing speech.

2. Thrilling plot line

Producing director (PD) Yoo In Sik, who has been called the “Midas Hands” of the drama community by producing hit after hit, once again added a significant project to his filmography. “Vagabond” repeatedly caught viewers off-guard with its twists and turns. In fact, not only was the drama a hit in Korea, it was also broadcast to foreign countries via Netflix, and viewers were able to share their opinions with each other through the comment window. In addition, Yoo In Sik made a bold attempt with the unpredictable ending.

3. The juggling of various characters

“Vagabond” was packed with many diverse characters, such as a stuntman-turned-special-agent, black-ops agent, female lobbyist, director of a bureau who pursues his own selfish interests, North Korean special forces, and more. Their relationships were quite complicated, but not a single character was wasted, and they were all necessary for a specific reason. Writers Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon not only made the characters attractive, but also made the story even richer by presenting excellent “character juggling” that creates conflict by weaving them together like a spider’s web.

4. Blockbuster action scenes

The first episode featured a chase action scene with the beautiful backdrop of Morocco, and each episode featured a fierce and fresh large-scale action scene that had not been seen in Korean dramas, providing a thrilling cathartic performance. Lee Gil Bok, the director of filming, has opened a new chapter of Korean drama with his signature high-quality action scenes, such as the Moroccan group action scene, a group action scene set at the vast Incheon pier, and Cha Dal Gun’s colorful action stunts.

Production company Celltrion Entertainment said, “Four years of planning, a year of production, and three months of broadcast. The grand finale came after a really long time. It would not have been possible without your support and love. We express our deep gratitude. If we can meet you again, we would ask for nothing more.”

“Stove League” will be the follow-up drama to “Vagabond” and will premiere on December 13.

Check out the teaser for “Stove League” here!

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