7 Times TXT Members Stole Our Hearts With Their Cuteness

Debuting this year, the members of Tomorrow X Together brought us just the amount of freshness and playful concepts we were longing for! They are adorable on and off stage, and their youthful energy makes them one of a kind in the K-pop world. Reminding us of our early teenage years, their concepts bring us to a magical land where we can forget our everyday problems for a while. Watching their interviews and interactions with each other makes us smile even on our gloomiest days, because their cuteness is just unmatchable!

Let’s take a look at some of their most adorable moments (because it would be impossible to list them all)!

The MOA version of “Run Away” after #RunAway1stWin

Coming back with their first studio album this October, the boys managed to snatch their first win for their title song “Run Away” on “The Show.” As promised, they sang the MOA version of the catchy track, making all of their fans’ hearts melt! It’s just too sweet how they are always thinking of their loyal fandom first!

When they got sorted into Hogwarts houses

With their latest concept reminding us all of our childhood memories of Harry Potter, it was inevitable the TXT members would get their own robes and magic wands. We even get the boys voting for the houses that best match each member. If you finally stopped giggling over how cute the Hogwarts houses sound in Korean, let’s just appreciate the boys being all happy with their new Harry Potter inspired outfits!

TXT + puppies = cuteness overload

We can’t help but swoon over this perfect combination! The boys were super excited to give an interview while playing with puppies, and it’s impossible not to love these few minutes. If you need some instant happiness to brighten your mood, choose this video! You won’t regret it.

Their mystery box challenge

Every interview the five boys did in the U.S. was adorable on its own, but there’s just something about this mystery box challenge that will make everyone cry over their cuteness. The way they are trying to make the other members believe there is something scary in the box is just the sweetest thing in the world, and this short video will make you smile from ear to ear.

Meeting BTS on their tour

The interaction we were waiting for! The TXT members finally visited BTS at a concert and had the chance to talk to their seniors after the show! They were visibly nervous before meeting their idols, but they had no reason to be! The BTS members were absolute sweethearts (as expected) and even gave some great advice to their juniors. This interaction is just so pure and sweet, it’s definitely worth watching.

Slaying the Ultimate Dance Challenge

Do you want to see how Soobin and Taehyun do the macarena? Or how to dab according to Yeonjun? Then you are in the right place, because the boys were challenged to do the Ultimate Dance Challenge and showed us how to do the robot, the floss, and the dab, among other dances. It’s really a mystery how everything they do turns out to be absolutely adorable.

Their aegyo time is just so cute!

Whether they enjoy it or not, rookies are often asked to do some cute moves in front of the camera, and TXT is no exception! Even though they are often shy, they still manage to steal our hearts in these moments.

MOA! What are your favorite TXT moments? Tell us in the comments below!

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