Kangnam And Lee Sang Hwa Reveal Their Newlywed Home

Kangnam and Lee Sang Hwa showed their newlywed home for the first time!

On the November 25 episode of “Same Bed – Different Dreams 2,” Kang Nam and Lee Sang Hwa showed how they’ve made Kangnam’s old place their newlywed home.

Everyone was amazed by the huge transformation that they made to the home, with the interior looking totally different than it did when it had been decorated according to Kangnam’s mother’s tastes. Kim Sook said, “It’s become a completely different home.”

Kangnam showed off how the new interior fit Lee Sang Hwa’s tastes, and she said, “It’s beautiful. Is this really the same house?” While Lee Sang Hwa had taken part in choosing the furniture, she hadn’t checked on the decorating so that she could enjoy the excitement.

In addition to the completely different interior, they also upgraded the outdoor space and added folding screen doors to their balcony area. Kangnam detailed his ideas for how they could decorate the outdoor area and then made her smile when he pointed out that five kids could be outside playing at once.

As the couple settled into their new home, they rested on their bed together. However, they were surprised by a sudden call, which turned out to be about the delivery of all of Kangnam’s old things that he had put in storage before getting his home redecorated.

After a truck was unloaded of all his belongings, the couple got overwhelmed as their newlywed home became suddenly overrun by all of Kangnam’s things. They then set about the task of sorting through everything to determine what could be thrown away and what should stay.

Check out their renovated home below!

Kangnam and retired Olympic speed skater Lee Sang Hwa got married on October 12 after meeting as cast members of SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” last year.

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