Hong Jin Young Talks About Her Monthly Income + Changing Her Work Schedule To Prioritize Health

Hong Jin Young spoke about her current work life on KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung Soo‘s Radio Show.”

On the November 25 broadcast, the singer appeared as a guest on the radio show.

“If an event and broadcast overlap, I go on the broadcast,” said Hong Jin Young. “I don’t go based on the payment of the event.” She continued, “I performed at many events last year. Starting this year, I reduced them a lot. There were red flags regarding my health, so I’m working while taking care of my health.”

“If there were three events on the previous day, I only schedule one for the following day,” she explained. “I try to rest once or twice a week no matter what. Since I’m in my mid-30s, I physically feel more [tired]. In the past, I was fine going to work after staying up all night the day before, but it now feels as if I’m walking around carrying a stone.”

When asked how much she earns a month, Hong Jin Young answered, “I earn to the point where I can go to the dermatologist with my own money without receiving a discount. It’s a place that doesn’t give discounts to celebrities and not just to me. I go to a renowned dermatologist, so there is barely a discount. I receive about a 10 percent discount.”

On a 2017 episode of “Radio Star,” Hong Jin Young surprised everyone by revealing, “The distance for just one day’s worth of events [can be as high as] 2,000 kilometers (approximately 1,243 miles). We spent 120 million won (approximately $102,212) on gas in a year.” It was reported that she performed at 50 to 60 events a month.

Hong Jin Young recently set up her own agency and is a fixed member on “My Ugly Duckling.”

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