Malicious Commenters Charged Fines For Defamation Of Woollim Artists

Woollim Entertainment has released a statement providing an update on the legal action that was taken by the agency against malicious commenters.

Read the agency’s full statement below:

Hello. This is Woollim Entertainment.

We judged that the extent to which malicious commenters were spreading false facts and posting malicious slander, sexual harassment, defamatory posts, and malicious comments about our artists had reached a point that cannot be overlooked, and we have started taking legal procedures starting last year on December 28.

Based on the evidence that was gathered through our own monitoring and reported to us by fans, we filed criminal complaints against malicious commenters and those who posted and spread malicious rumors and defamatory posts, and they were charged fines.

We will not stop at this and use our best efforts to protect our artists by continuously gathering data and monitoring [the internet]. In the case that we find a case of malicious slander, we will procure evidence and regularly take legal action.

Lastly, we firmly announce that there will be no negotiation or leniency for those who upload and spread [posts] of such nature.

Thank you.

INFINITE, LovelyzGolden ChildJOO, IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eun Bi and Kim Chae Won, Rocket Punch, and X1’s Cha Jun Ho are part of Woollim Entertainment.

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