Jang Dong Yoon Talks About His Chemistry And Kiss Scenes With Kim So Hyun

Actor Jang Dong Yoon talked about his chemistry with Kim So Hyun on “The Tale of Nokdu”!

Jang Dong Yoon debuted in NaverTV’s Web Drama “Game Development Girls” in 2016 and went on to appear in JTBC’s “Solomon’s Perjury,” KBS2’s “School 2017,” tvN’s “A Poem a Day,” tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine,” and KBS2’s “Just Dance.” He gained the most attention through his most recent project, KBS2’s “The Tale of Nokdu.”

The drama is a fun and romantic comedy set in the Joseon Dynasty about a man who dresses as a woman to enter a mysterious, women-only village, and a gisaeng-in-training, Dong Dong Joo, who doesn’t want to become a gisaeng (female courtesan). Jang Dong Yoon received praise for his portrayal of Jeon Nok Du, who dresses as a woman to discover the truth behind his birth and fights for power.

On November 26 at a cafe in Gangnam, Jang Dong Yoon had an interview about the finale of “The Tale of Nokdu” and talked about his chemistry with Kim So Hyun, which was well received by viewers.

Jang Dong Yoon said, “Other than my official fan cafe, I try not to read the public’s reaction. But I could sense the great love it was receiving through the fan cafe. At the set, I was very comfortable acting with Kim So Hyun. We worked well together so many people on set talked about it. They would say, ‘If this scene is aired, it will be really good.’ The director also said, ‘What you just did right now looked natural and good.’ I think meeting the cast two months before shooting to read the script together gave us time to get comfortable and get close with each other. It made a huge difference. Of course, I think having a personal bond helped me when I was filming and acting, and I think I will continue to have those thoughts when I act.”

This was Jang Dong Yoon’s first historical drama, but Kim So Hyun is known as a queen of historical dramas. When asked if he was given any advice, he responded, “She was being considerate and didn’t give advice. I had to ask her, ‘Please give me advice.’ It’s about caring and respecting each other. Because there were more love scenes than historical scenes that required advice, there were more moments where Dong Joo fell for Nokdu.”

“There were a lot of things that made it easier for me to act,” he went on to say. “For example, there were scenes where we would have to look at each other with affection while we cried and she would tell me, ‘Do whatever makes you comfortable,’ and ask me, ‘What should I do?’ She even advised me by saying, ‘I think it would be better if you could make my heart race a bit more,’ and we were respectful while helping each other. Because actors are cautious, they are sensitive to comments on their acting. She was very careful about that and helped me while being caring. She’s younger than me, but because she began acting at such a young age, I felt her wisdom. When I talk to her, she seems like a 21-year-old, but when she acts, she’s different. She is always relaxed so I have a lot to learn from her. She acted so comfortably.”

When discussing his kiss scenes with Kang Tae Oh and Kim So Hyun, Jang Dong Yoon said, “The episodes I looked forward to were episodes 9 and 10. The first kiss scene happened at the end and it was where I took my top off and confessed. I thought it would be very fun and I was very motivated, and I even thought it went well during rehearsal, but right when we started filming, I couldn’t do it. We had to get several shots at different angles so it was very uncomfortable. It was also the first time I kissed a man, so I couldn’t get used to it. And we joked around a lot.”

He continued, “It’s safe to say that it was the first of the many kiss scenes with Kim So Hyun. It wasn’t like it wasn’t there before, but before people would say we look like siblings, so it was easier to do it. We would say it’s part of the job and to make it look good, so it was easier when it came to screening and acting.”

The last episode successfully ended with a viewership rating of 7.3 percent. Jang Dong Yoon is taking a break after completing “The Tale of Nokdu” while reviewing his next project.

If you missed the finale, you can watch it here!

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