Update: Stray Kids Unveils Intriguing Prologue Cards For “Clé : LEVANTER”

Updated December 9 KST:

Stray Kids has released a striking set of prologue cards ahead of their upcoming comeback with “Clé : LEVANTER”!

Updated December 8 KST:

Stray Kids has released a new teaser for “You Can STAY,” one of the songs from their upcoming mini album “Clé : LEVANTER”!

Updated December 7 KST:

Stray Kids shared a new MV teaser for “Levanter”!

Updated December 6 KST:

Stray Kids released a first MV teaser for “Levanter”!

Updated December 5 KST:

An interesting teaser has been released ahead of Stray Kids’ upcoming comeback with “Clé : LEVANTER”!

Titled “Map for Broken Compass,” the drawing appears to feature scenes and settings from the group’s music videos, potentially hinting at the connections between them.

Updated December 5 KST:

Stray Kids shared two group photos for their new mini album!

Updated December 4 KST:

Stray Kids released a new set of teaser photos for “Clé : LEVANTER”!

Updated December 3 KST:

Stray Kids shared teaser images for their return with “Clé : LEVANTER”!

Updated December 2 KST:

Stray Kids has released an “INTRO” video for their upcoming album “Clé : LEVANTER”!

The clip gives a behind-the-scenes look of the group preparing for the album and reveals short previews of their new music. The members also take time to introduce their upcoming tracks.

Check out the video below:

Updated December 1 KST: 

Stray Kids has released the track list for “Clé : LEVANTER!”

Updated November 30 KST:

Stray Kids released “LEVANTER FILM #2,” featuring members Hyunjin, I.N, Changbin, and Lee Know.

Updated November 29 KST:

Stray Kids has shared new teasers for their comeback!

The group released “LEVANTER FILM #1,” which features members Felix, Han, Seungmin, and Bang Chan and includes the text “Wind.” Individual videos for each of the members were also released.

Original Article:

Stray Kids is gearing up for their return!

On November 28 at midnight KST, Stray Kids released the dramatic and mesmerizing trailer for their new mini album “Clé : LEVANTER.”

Stray Kids’s mini album “Clé : LEVANTER” will be coming out on December 9, and it will include their October digital single “Double Knot” and November single “Astronaut.”

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