EXO-Ls Are Obsessed With EXO’s Cinematic “Obsession” MV: Here Are The Best Reaction Tweets

EXO (and X-EXO!) took over Twitter as fans celebrated everything about their new MV!

On November 27 at 6 p.m. KST, EXO made their long-awaited comeback with the new album “OBSESSION” and the MV for its eponymous title track. Hashtags trended worldwide on Twitter, and fans even ended up trending some other topics related to the MV, such as that now legendary line “I don’t think so.”

Fans are loving the pure talent and charisma the members show in the MV, as well as those amazing looks they’re delivering.

Once again the guys showed how amazing their voices sound together.

And fans are wowed by the MV itself.

As well as the killer choreo!

Meanwhile, EXO-Ls are showing their sense of humor with lots of funny and relatable reactions!

And one fight scene in particular has served up lots of laughs.

Naturally, everyone is obsessed with EXO’s new MV!

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