Young And In Love: 6 Reasons To Watch C-Drama “A Little Thing Called First Love”

A Little Thing Called First Love” is the perfect drama to reach out for when you want to watch something stress-free and light-hearted after a long day. The drama stars Lai Kuanlin in his first acting role and follows a group of teenagers as they navigate through first loves and school life.

At first glance, it might seem like a run of the mill first love youth romance. However, the drama is so endearing and sincere that you cannot help but keep watching.

Here are some reasons why this charming little drama is just right for keeping you warm and cozy this winter!

Warning: spoilers for the drama below. 

Soft and kind-hearted Liang You Nian

If I had a high school senior like our male lead, Liang You Nian (Lai Kuanlin), I’m pretty sure half my school would be just like Xia Miao Miao (Zhao Jin Mai), falling head over heels for him. He’s the whole package. Good-looking, smart, athletic, mature, and most importantly, he’s so nice! Sure, he can be a little awkward at times and is not super aware of his feelings (we all know he’s in deep with Miao Miao long before he realizes). But he’s a kid, he will learn!

I love that You Nian doesn’t play too cool. He’s not your typical high school male lead who is rebellious and broody or the smart genius who is prickly and cold. He can be oblivious yet he’s never stand-offish. It’s refreshing to have a male lead who is so gentle, considerate, and wise beyond his years. Plus look at how cute he is with the puppy!

Xia Miao Miao’s gradual and realistic transformation

Our female lead, Xia Miao Miao, starts out like a fly on the wall. Meek and insecure, it does take a while for the audience to warm up to her. The thing I love most about her is the realistic portrayal of her gradual transformation over the years. Honestly speaking, I was dreading the obligatory makeover scene. Therefore it was a pleasant surprise seeing how the drama depicted the makeover journey. Instead of an overnight 360-degree transformation, Miao Miao slowly changes over a period of time which makes it feel organic and real. It’s also nice to see that her outward physical transformation reflects her internal transformation. From a shy and unconfident teenager, she slowly blossoms into a self-assured young lady. Out of all the characters, she has the most complete arc.

Our first love story

New transfer Xia Miao Miao harbors a crush on her high school senior, Liang You Nian, almost right away. I mean, who wouldn’t? Case in point, the prior paragraph on soft and kind-hearted Liang You Nian.

With the help of her friends, she tries all kinds of ways to get closer to the oblivious You Nian. They share so many cute interactions and moments together, such as when You Nian finally realizes that he likes Miao Miao. I won’t spoil it for you but it’s absolutely adorable! Miao Miao wants to improve herself because she does not think she is good enough for him, though You Nian already loves and accepts Miao Miao for who she is. They are just each other’s biggest supporters. Also, I’m glad that in the process of improving herself, she actually discovers her passion and talents and becomes her own person.

On the whole, our main couple is so endearing and bashful that you can’t help but root for them. Their romance is a slow burn yet it feels appropriate for an innocent first love between two young and wholesome teenagers.

Our supportive group of friends

What’s a coming of age story without some good old friends to get you through heartaches and growing up woes? Miao Miao and You Nian are lucky enough to have great and reliable friends like He Xin (Chai Wei), Lin Xia (Wang Yi Miao), and Wang Yi Chao (Wang Bo Wen).

Lin Xia is your dependable wing woman and the kind of buddy who knows you better than you. She is hilarious and often the voice of truth among the trio. You Nian’s best friend, Wang Yi Chao, is the funny mood maker among his friends. You need to have a Yi Chao in every group of friends to survive school.

For He Xin and Miao Miao, I appreciate how they overcome their conflict when they find out that Lin Kai Tuo, who He Xin has a crush on, actually likes Miao Miao. Though He Xin knows that Miao Miao is not to blame, she couldn’t help but still be upset. The drama treats the conflict and their friendship delicately and resolves it beautifully. He Xin, who is strong-willed but also level-headed, moves on and remains best friends with Miao Miao. It shows that girls do not have to turn against each other for boys.

Brave and ambitious female characters

It’s a story about first love, hence naturally our characters are all a little pre-occupied with their crushes. Our female characters, Miao Miao and He Xin, are not wallflowers waiting for things to happen. They are resolute about who they like and brave in their pursuit of love. But they don’t only work hard for love, they work hard for themselves and their career ambitions too. He Xin aspires to be a professional journalist while He Xin and Lin Xia dream to be fashion designers. They actually do extra credits in school for their results and to gain experience in their fields of interest. At the end of the day, it’s not easy to balance school and life but our ladies try!

Slice of life vibe

For “A Little Thing Called First Love,” the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The show is certainly not perfect. There are lacking areas, yet it somehow magically works.

Considering how young the cast is, they do a great job of portraying their characters. The drama’s portrayal of school life and relationships also feels organic and relatable. I’m a big fan of slice of life youth dramas because they are nostalgic and the characters grow on you. Whenever I catch up on these kinds of dramas, it feels like I’m checking in on my group of friends to see how they are doing.

If you’re looking for something light and breezy, “A Little Thing Called First Love” is a sincere and heartwarming little drama with charms of its own. Give it a go!

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