Update: GOT7’s Youngjae And Jackson To Sit Out Of Remaining Weekend Events Due To Health Issues

Updated December 1 KST:

GOT7’s Jackson is also experiencing health issues and will not be partaking in the group’s upcoming fan sign event.

Read JYP Entertainment’s full statement below:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We inform you that GOT7’s Jackson will not be participating in the fan sign event on December 1 due to health issues.

Following a detailed examination, the doctor recommended that he had to rest. In order to put the health of our artists first and focus on his recovery, it was decided that he will not participate [in the event].

We ask fans for their understanding about the news that he will not be participating.

The agency will take the best measures possible for the recovery of our artist’s health.

We will make an announcement in the case of any other changes to the schedule.

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Original Article:

On November 30, JYP Entertainment released a statement regarding GOT7’s Youngjae, who has been experiencing some health issues.

Due to those health issues, the company and the group decided it was best for Youngjae to sit out from the weekend’s fan sign events, following a doctor’s recommendation. Although the company did not specify what the health issues were, they emphasized that the health of their artists comes first and foremost.

JYP has not yet said if this will affect any further of GOT7’s scheduled events. You can read the full statement below.

Hello, This is JYP Entertainment.

Due to health issues, doctors have decided that it would be difficult for GOT7’s Youngjae to participate in the fan sign events scheduled for November 30 and December 1. For that reason, Youngjae will not be participating in those events.

We deeply apologize to the fans who were eagerly awaiting these events.

In order to put the health of our artists first, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure Youngjae gets the rest he needs.

If there are any further changes to the schedule, we will make another announcement at that time.

Thank you.

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