Hong Jong Hyun Enlists In The Military + Talks About Support From Kim Woo Bin

Hong Jong Hyun enlisted in the military today.

On December 2, Hong Jong Hyun enlisted at the Nonsan Army Recruit Training Center in South Chungcheong Province. Prior to entering, he spent some time in front of the training center with his fans and the press.

He shared, “I kept saying I had to enlist soon, and I didn’t feel comfortable because soldiers younger than me were having a rough time. Though I’m late, I’m glad I can go. It doesn’t feel real yet. My friends told me that I’ll get used to it after I spend a few days in there. I’m feeling lots of different emotions. It feels unreal, and I’m nervous and anxious, but I’ll live a healthy life in there.”

Hong Jong Hyun will be spending the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 in the training center. He commented, “I normally spent the end of the year warmly, but this time, I’ll be spending New Year’s day, Christmas, and my birthday in the army. It’ll be a special year. Looking back, for the 10 years since I started working, I worked endlessly without resting. I think this will be a chance for me to look back at how I’ve lived my life. I’ll receive training on Christmas with energy.”

Hong Jong Hyun revealed that the last person he met before his enlistment was Kim Woo Bin. Hong Jong Hyun and Kim Woo Bin both started their careers as models, and they starred in MBN’s sitcom “Vampire Idol” in 2011. The actor explained, “Kim Woo Bin is getting ready to return [to acting] while I’m facing a new start, so we met up and encouraged each other. Woo Bin was worried about me, and he cheered me on.”

Hong Jong Hyun expressed, “I think I’ll be on the older side while I’m serving in the military. I want to get along with and take good care of the other soldiers I enlist with.”

Concluding, he said, “Lots of people sent me messages of support and expressed their worries. I’m extremely thankful. I’m thankful for my fans, and though December will be cold, I will return as a healthier person after receiving training. I’ll be back.”

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