Seo Hyo Rim Reveals Her Love Story With Kim Soo Mi’s Son + His Daring Confession

Seo Hyo Rim spoke about her husband-to-be on “Do You Eat?” (literal title).

This SBS Plus variety program shows celebrities running a restaurant where they offer a warm bowl of soup and healing to customers. Kim Soo Mi, who’s an actress famous for her cooking skills, works in the kitchen along with Choi Yang Rak, Jo Jae Yoon, and Seo Hyo Rim. In November, it was announced that Seo Hyo Rim was dating Kim Soo Mi’s son Jung Myung Ho. The couple is expecting their first child and will be getting married on December 22.

On the December 2 episode, the restaurant employees threw Seo Hyo Rim a surprise party to congratulate her on her marriage and pregnancy.

The actress walked into the restaurant and shyly smiled as her employees clapped and congratulated her. After Seo Hyo Rim blew out the candle on the cake, the employees told her to sit down, and she burst into laughter at the sudden change in their treatment towards her.

Jo Jae Yoon asked about the start of her relationship, and Seo Hyo Rim answered, “After I started [appearing on this show].” When he brought up their team dinner, she replied, “The two of you pushed us together so much! When we were eating, they kept saying, ‘Hey! Hyo Rim! Hyo Rim!'”

Choi Yang Rak added, “I’m so shocked because when I asked Mr. Jung what he thought of Hyo Rim, he said, ‘Oh Hyo Rim? I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s because his mother is an actress, but he’s so good at acting for a businessman. But you guys weren’t dating then?” She replied, “No.”

Jo Jae Yoon then brought up the team dinner again and the look in Jung Yung Ho’s eyes. Seo Hyo Rim revealed, “He suddenly called me. After filming ended at 1 a.m. I asked him why he called me late at night and he had drank a little. He confessed that night.”

She explained, “His exact words were, ‘Don’t hold other men’s hands and just come to me.’ When the dating reports came out, I guess he closely read the comments. He seriously said to me, ‘People keep criticizing me that I’m old.’ I said that it’s true that he’s old, but he said he was hurt by the comments calling him old.”

When Jo Jae Yoon congratulated her once again and brought up how she was worried about her ability to get pregnant, Seo Hyo Rim replied, “That’s true. I was worried about that because I’m old.” On past episodes of the variety show, Seo Hyo Rim had asked Sean how old his wife was when she got pregnant and talked about freezing eggs with singer Ivy.

Seo Hyo Rim then showed the cast a photo of her and Jung Myung Ho together that was taken by the show’s staff member before they began dating.

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