Update: MYNAME Members And Former Agency Clarify Group’s Status

Updated December 4 KST:

The members of MYNAME and their former agency have clarified that the group is not officially disbanding.

Seyong tweeted, “Were you surprised? Don’t worry. As I said recently during my solo fan meeting! Though our contracts expired, the agency helped us, and [I said] that I would arrange a way for the five MYNAME members to unite in Korea!! I did think that articles could lead to misunderstandings, but we have definitely not disbanded, so don’t worry!”

Chaejin wrote, “MYNAME has not disbanded. Only our contracts with the agency have ended.”

Insoo shared, “To our MYGIRL who were shocked from early in the morning, I’m sorry. What should have been reported is that our contracts with the agency have ended, but strangely it was reported as if we had disbanded. MYNAME’s contracts with the agency have expired, but we have not disbanded!”

H2 Media also clarified to My Daily, “The exclusive contract between the agency and MYNAME expired recently. It is only the expiration of their contracts, and not the group’s disbandment. [The group] has activities such as a Japanese year-end fan meeting scheduled.”

Seyong also took part in an interview with OSEN and explained, “It’s not that we ended on bad terms with the agency and decided to leave the agency behind. We’re meeting with the CEO tomorrow, and we continue to stay in touch with [our agency senior] Hwan Hee hyung and are on good terms with him. It’s just that our contracts have ended, and we continue to help each other with work. MYNAME will continue as a group. Even if we end up in different agencies, we could get together again and release an album, and in December we have a fan meeting in Japan. I won’t be participating due to personal reasons, but the four remaining members will attend and meet with fans.”

The MYNAME members will be focusing on their individual activities from now on. Gunwoo will continue to work on music, while Insoo will focus on acting in dramas, films, and musicals. Seyong, JunQ, and Chaejin will also be active as actors.

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Original Article:

After promoting together for eight years, MYNAME has unfortunately announced their disbandment.

According to a statement released on December 4, the group’s agency H2 Media stated, “The members of MYNAME have completed their contracts with our company.”

The agency added, “We sincerely thank all of the fans who loved and supported MYNAME across the years. Although the group will no longer be promoting together, we will continue to offer the members our full support as they pursue their own individual growth.”

MYNAME debuted in 2011 with the single “Message,” promoting for about eight years together. The group enjoyed domestic and international popularity, especially after the release of their first Japanese album in 2012.

From here, the members will continue on with their individual careers. Gunwoo plans to continue in the music industry, while Insoo will pursue a career in theatre and musical productions. Members Seyong, JunQ, and Chaejin have all announced that they will pursue acting careers.

We wish all of the members luck in their future careers!

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