Watch: Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Suzy, And More Face Disaster In “Ashfall” Film Trailer

The much-anticipated film “Ashfall” (also known as “Baekdusan”) has released a thrilling first trailer!

The action movie follows what happens after a volcano on Mount Baekdu erupts, leading to pandemonium over fear of a final eruption that could wipe out both North and South Korea. A team of people set out to stop the terrible disaster from happening.

“Ashfall” stars Lee Byung Hun as a North Korean army officer, Ha Jung Woo as the captain of South Korea’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal team, Ma Dong Seok as a geology professor who’s studied the potential eruption of Mount Baekdu for years, Jeon Hye Jin as the person planning their operation, and Suzy as Ha Jung Woo’s wife who’s on the ground in the city during the chaos.

The trailer shows the extent of the destruction caused by earthquakes after the eruptions of Mount Baekdu, with news reports announcing that the latest eruption could be the biggest in recorded history.

Ha Jung Woo races his car over a mountain of the wreckage of the city, Ma Dong Seok tries to work despite the intense shaking caused by a quake, Jeon Hye Jin is shocked while taking shelter under a desk, and Suzy looks in fear from her car at a huge approaching wave. Ha Jung Woo then witnesses the collapse of an enormous building.

A team of soldiers including Ha Jung Woo goes to fetch Lee Byung Hun’s character Lee Joon Pyeong, who’s described as a very dangerous person, and the team is told not to let their guard down in front of him. They discover him in an underground jail cell, looking as though he’s been there for a very long time, with long hair and a long beard. “A bunch of babies are here,” he says. Ha Jung Woo whispers to another soldier, “He looks different than his photos.”

Now with a haircut and a shorter beard, Lee Byung Hun tells someone over the phone that very interesting guys came for him. He’s then in handcuffs as he and Ha Jung Woo hide from gunfire, and he surprises Ha Jung Woo when he says, “Give me a gun.” Once he’s got the gun, he skillfully takes out their enemies. “We make a surprisingly good team,” he then tells a shocked Ha Jung Woo.

In another scene, Lee Byung Hun asks, “Do you really believe that such an absurd plan will actually work?” Ma Dong Seok assures someone, “If it’s not too late, we can stop Mount Baekdu.”

Watch the intense trailer below!

“Ashfall” hits theaters in Korea on December 19.

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