Watch: Park Eun Bin And Namgoong Min Team Up To Succeed In “Stove League”

SBS’s upcoming drama “Stove League” has released a new teaser of the ups and downs Namgoong Min and Park Eun Bin will face!

“Stove League” will tell the story of a baseball team called Dreams who come in dead last and have reached a point where even their fans don’t shed a tear at their loss anymore. Baek Seung Su (Namgoong Min) comes in as the new general manager to try and change things.

The new teaser starts off with Lee Se Young (Park Eun Bin) shedding tears as she wonders if she should give up on something that will never succeed. The Dreams leave the field with lowered heads while Han Jae Hee (Jo Byung Kyu) tiredly takes off the head of his mascot costume.

While everyone is on the verge of giving up, Baek Seung Su attempts to ignite their motivation by asking, “Is there really no reason for you to be desperate?” However, Baek Seung Su’s back looks heavy as he walks towards the field, and he admits, “If I become weak, the people around me will have a hard time.”

Lee Se Young sharply demands, “Are you going ahead with this while just realizing the responsibility?,” and Baek Seung Su claims, “We wish to become people who will be able to protect those around us.”

Then, things start to look up as the characters light up with bright smiles, and Lee Se Young gladly welcomes Baek Seung Su as she comments, “You came at the perfect time. Let’s do this!”

The production crew said, “The third teaser presents a heart-throbbing story of people from a losing baseball team, who are used to failing, regaining passion. Please look forward to ‘Stove League,’ an energetic ‘straightforward office’ drama of [characters] who will break away from their lethargic routine and start all over again.”

“Stove League” is set to premiere on December 13 at 10 p.m. KST.

Watch the teaser here!

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