Naeun Talks About Acting In “Extraordinary You” + APRIL’s Plans For Comeback

APRIL’s Naeun broke the prejudice against idol actors and impressed viewers with her acting in MBC’s “Extraordinary You,” which ended November 21.

Following the success and finale of “Extraordinary You,” Naeun met with reporters at a cafe in Seongdong District, Seoul for an interview.


Naeun portrayed Yeo Joo Da, the heroine of the manhwa (Korean comic) in “Extraordinary You.” On the stage that is predetermined in the manhwa, Naeun showed a pure side of the character, while in the shadow outside of the manhwa scenes, she revealed a different and dark side.

When asked how she felt about “Extraordinary You” coming to an end, she said, “The drama ended at the end of November, but we have been filming since the summer. Since we’d been filming for a long time, it was a relief, but I think it will remain a good memory.”

When asked what she focused on as the main heroine of the manhwa in “Extraordinary You,” she said, “When I read about the character in the script, I was clueless. But when the drama premiered, I saw how they completed the scenes with special effects and computer graphics and thought, ‘This is how I should act,’ and changed the direction of my acting. I thought, ‘It’s okay to exaggerate like a real manhwa character.'”

In the second half of “Extraordinary You,” Yeo Joo Da changed and revealed a dark side. When Naeun received the script, she was concerned about how she would have to portray the change. She said, “In the beginning of the drama, I had to portray the typical heroine character, and in the second half, I had to make a change. In the manhwa, [Yeo Joo Da] doesn’t know she is the main heroine, and when the scene switches over, she explodes. I was worried because I needed to show the duality of the character in these scenes.”

Naeun continued, “I watched how Kim Hye Yoon acted when switching between the stages and shadows. I couldn’t follow her completely because our characters were different, but I learned a lot from just watching her. I acted while thinking, ‘I am just that kind of girl.'”

When asked how similar she is to her character, she said, “I am closer to the Yeo Joo Da in the shadow than the Yeo Joo Da on the stage. I am the type to say what I want.”

Naeun continued to share her experience acting with Kim Young Dae and Jung Gun Joo. She said, “Kim Young Dae, unlike his appearance, is very silly. As we got closer, I enjoyed teasing him, so we got close quickly. Jung Gun Joo is considerate like [his character] in the drama, but also, he shares too much information. He is very funny. [Because of him], we were always laughing on set.”

Since Naeun played a student in “Extraordinary You,” she was asked what she was like as a student. She replied, “I enjoyed my school days. I tried to enjoy those moments and loved hanging out with my friends. Rather than getting involved with boys, I liked being with my friends. We would eat spicy rice cakes after school, go to the coin karaoke, and play games at the arcade.”

Naeun proceeded to share her hopes to continue acting. She said, “Since I am a singer and an idol, I thought I should learn as I go. Since the other people I worked with are actors, they might think differently from me. There were so many things I was curious about on set and a lot of obstacles as well. But I want to continue studying acting.”

When asked if she feels a sense of responsibility as a member of APRIL, she replied, “My members don’t put pressure on me. They actually want me to relax. I hope I can help my members.”

When asked if she desires for APRIL to earn a No. 1, Naeun replied, “In the past, I really wanted it, but not anymore. Now, I tell myself, ‘As long as we’re happy.’ There are a lot of hidden, great songs from us, so if our name gradually gets recognition, I hope more people listen to our songs. I want to feel that kind of happiness too.”

Naeun added, “I think [our comeback] will be early next year. We have actually been thinking [about our new concept] for a month now. We have been going with the fairy tale girl concept, but we are trying to change. However, if we make a 180 degree change, I think our fans will feel burdened. We haven’t decided on a concept, but I think our fans will understand as long as we choose a concept that suits us.”

When asked what her wishes are for the new year, Naeun shared, “I am the type to worry so much that people around me call me the ‘worrier.’ Next year, I hope to be more relaxed and comfortable, without worrying so much, and enjoy my work. I want make more fun memories with my members and stay healthy while promoting.”

If you missed the finale of MBC’s “Extraordinary You,” watch it here!

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