Watch: Oh My Girl’s YooA Goes Up Against Jun So Min And Kang Han Na In Fun Dance Battles On “Running Man”

Oh My Girl’s YooA stunned everyone with her dance skills on “Running Man”!

On the December 8 episode of the variety show, the idol appeared as a guest alongside actresses Kang Han Na and Baby V.O.X’s Lee Hee Jin.

At the beginning of the show, YooA showed off her moves to various songs, including Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” and received cheers from the cast for her fierce dancing.

After watching her performance, Yoo Jae Suk said, “Wait a minute. I just got chills from this moving performance. While we were cheering, Ji Suk Jin asked her, ‘But wait, what’s your name again?'”

Ji Suk Jin explained, “I did that because I wanted to know so that I can remember it correctly.” Kim Jong Kook added, “YooA was so nice as she answered, ‘It’s YooA.'”

YooA also performed a dance cover of Baby V.O.X’s hit song “Ya Ya Ya,” which she prepared after hearing that Lee Hee Jin would be appearing on the show. The Oh My Girl member began dancing first, and Lee Hee Jin joined her towards the end.

Later in the episode, the cast played a dancing game in which they watched a video of a song’s choreography and then had to repeat the key dance moves from memory. For SISTAR’s “So Cool,” Jun So Min and Kang Han Na made everyone laugh with their versions of the choreography, and the cast members jokingly asked if they were exfoliating their necks.

Meanwhile, YooA perfectly recreated SISTAR’s choreography, and the members commented on how different it looked when she danced to the track.

The Oh My Girl member also danced to HyunA’s “Bubble Pop,” nailing the key moves and hand gestures. Yoo Jae Suk remarked, “She’s really good at dancing. She has such a light step.” Adding to the praise, Kim Jong Kook said, “We honestly don’t know if [the choreography] is right or wrong, but she dances well.”

The next song was Park Ji Yoon’s “Adult Ceremony” (literal title), which is well-known for its sexy choreography. Although YooA didn’t know the entire choreography by heart, she added some moves of her own that made it look just as good. Jun So Min was also praised for her cover, which came close to the original choreography.

Kang Han Na was up next and showed confidence this time around. The actress began dancing and surprised everyone with her accurate performance. The staff member announced Kang Han Na as the winner of the round, and she jumped up and down in celebration.

Watch last week’s episode of “Running Man” with English subtitles below!

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