Watch: BTOB’s Yook Sungjae And Lee Sang Yoon Bond While Bungee Jumping In New Zealand

Lee Sang Yoon and BTOB’s Yook Sungjae made some unforgettable memories in New Zealand on “Master in the House”!

On the December 8 episode of the SBS variety show, Lee Sang Yoon and Yook Sungjae took on their master’s mission of “becoming one with nature” by bungee jumping above Lake Taupo.

The two stars couldn’t hide their nervousness as they got onto the platform 47 meters (approximately 154 feet) off the ground. As an employee checked their safety gear, he joked, “It might be broken, actually. I’m not too sure. Just one second. Let me just double-check, okay?”

The employee then stepped back and began counting down before suddenly letting them fall at “two.” Lee Sang Yoon and Yook Sungjae were caught completely off guard, and they screamed as they descended towards the emerald green water.

After recovering from the initial shock of the fall, Lee Sang Yoon and Yook Sungjae enjoyed the ride and the breathtaking beauty of the nature around them. Wearing bright smiles on their faces, they shouted that they had become one.

Lee Sang Yoon commented, “Wow, this is really fun,” and Yook Sungjae agreed, “This is so nice.”

Check out the clip of Lee Sang Yoon and Yook Sungjae bungee jumping below!

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