WJSN’s Dawon To Take Hiatus From Activities Due To Health Concerns

WJSN’s Dawon will be taking a break from activities.

On December 12, WJSN’s agency released the following statement:

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

This is an official statement regarding our artist WJSN’s Dawon.

WJSN member Dawon recently expressed symptoms of anxiety, and in order to receive an exact diagnosis, she received a detailed examination and treatment at the hospital.

As a result of the examination, she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, so she will be temporarily halting WJSN activities.

Dawon will receive adequate rest while focusing on treatment and recovery, and WJSN will promote with nine members for the time being.

We promise to care for our artist and contribute our full support for Dawon’s health and recovery, and we will release further notices in the future regarding upcoming scheduled activities and [updates on] the situation.

We express apologies for causing concern to UJUNG, who always love and cherish WJSN, with the sudden news, and we request that no speculations or misunderstandings arise regarding Dawon’s health and activities.

Thank you.

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