Accident During OCN Drama Filming Injures 8 Staff Members + Production Company Gives Statement

An accident during the filming of OCN’s upcoming drama “Tell Me What You Saw” caused the injuries of eight staff members, including a serious injury for one of the staff.

According to the Broadcasting Staff Branch of the Hope Solidarity Trade Union on December 12, an accident occurred during filming for “Tell Me What You Saw” on a road on Yeongjong Island in Incheon on the morning of November 29. Filming staff were in a shooting car (a car specially designed for filming) and while they were filming a scene in which a police vehicle was chasing after a getaway car, there was an accident in which the getaway car and the shooting car collided.

Eight staff members were injured in the accident, and a lighting staff member who was seriously injured was taken to the hospital. After waiting two hours for emergency surgery and being pushed back on the priority list, they were moved to another hospital where they received a seven-hour surgery. The union has reported that they heard the staff member’s spine was fractured and they will need a year and a half of treatment.

The union names network CJ ENM and production companies Studio Dragon and H House as responsible for the accident. They stated that the production company did not receive permission from the district office to occupy the road and they have been overworking while filming. In addition, they report that even after the accident, they filmed earlier this month in the same location without permission.

They went on to state that the production company did not carry out industry safety health education regarding the staff, and they did not fulfil all their duties regarding supervision safety measures and work stoppage.

The union also pointed out that CJ ENM has not joined the “Joint Coordinating Committee for the Betterment of Production Environments of Cable Network Dramas,” which the three cable networks, media labor union, and Korea Drama Production Association are all part of, and CJ ENM continues to insist staff members sign service contracts. The union stated that as the staff member was injured while working under a service contract, it will affect how the occupational accident is dealt with.

Production company Studio Dragon released the following statement on December 12:

We are writing to convey the statement of the production team of ‘Tell Me What You Saw’ regarding the safety accident. Firstly, we apologize to everyone who has been concerned due to the accident that took place on our filming site.

The ‘Tell Me What You Saw’ production team is deeply aware of the severity of the safety accident. Most importantly, we are putting the stability and recovery of the hurt victim and their family members first, and we are continuing to discuss their treatment progress and rehabilitation plans.

Immediately following this accident, which occurred around 10 a.m. on November 29 during the filming of a car chase scene, the production team was together with the staff during their move to the emergency room, initial treatment, and surgery process. We continue to go back and forth from the hospital and are staying in regular contact with them. On December 5, an executive from the production company visited and clearly conveyed intentions of compensation.

The ‘Tell Me What You Saw’ production team greatly wishes that they will quickly recover their health, and so we are continuing to monitor their progress and we will do our best in regards to follow-up measures for the accident such as rehabilitation treatment. In addition, we have taken the following measures to prevent the reoccurrence of a safety accident during filming, and we will be more careful in the future.

– All filming was stopped following the accident, from November 29 to December 1, and a reevaluation of internal safety measures was carried out.

– There has been a reorganization of the filming environment, staff working conditions, and the production schedule.

– High risk scenes such as car explosions are being simplified or replaced with computer graphics, minimizing the risk.

– Before each filming starts, a safety evaluation regarding the day’s filming is carried out.

– Guidelines for safety management when shooting on location are being established.

“Tell Me What You Saw” is a suspense thriller scheduled to air in February 2020. The director is Kim Hong Sun, who has worked on dramas including “Voice,” and it stars Jang Hyuk, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, and Jin Seo Yeon.

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