“Black Dog” Cast Shares Key Points To Look Forward To Ahead Of Premiere

The characters of tvN’s “Black Dog” will soon begin their growth through their search for justice.

Ahead of the premiere, Seo Hyun Jin, Ra Mi Ran, Ha Joon, and Lee Chang Hoon featured in new photos and revealed key points to look forward to in “Black Dog.”

“Black Dog” is about Go Ha Neul (Seo Hyun Jin), a short-term teacher who struggles to keep her dreams alive. The drama looks through the eyes of a short-term teacher who experiences the bitter reality and struggles of the job and portrays the world of educators. Viewers will be able to relate and laugh as they watch ordinary teachers agonize and grow.

The actors, who realistically portray the ordinary teachers, are what makes “Black Dog” stand out. Seo Hyun Jin played relatable characters that touched viewers’ hearts in the past. In “Black Dog,” Seo Hyun Jin will play Go Ha Neul, a short-term teacher at a private high school. Seo Hyun Jin shared, “It’s a unique project. I liked it because it was a type of drama I have never done before. I discovered the various aspects of teachers who are fiercely agonizing for the students and have a sense of responsibility. Viewers can look forward to not only seeing what goes on in schools that they didn’t know as students, but also seeing from the different teachers’ points of view as they face the structural issues.” She added, “It is a project of high quality. I hope the viewers will compliment the drama. If you are curious about what happens in the classroom, then don’t miss the premiere of ‘Black Dog.'”

The irreplaceable Ra Mi Ran plays Park Sang Soon, the dean of 10 years and veteran master of entrance exams, and leads with her solid acting. She shared that the key point to look forward to is the “reality.” She said, “The drama vividly depicts the school and teachers just as they are. It is a project with a great sense of reality. Without a sense of mission and responsibility, I think it would be difficult to endure being a teacher. The drama’s charm is the honest portrayal of the teachers and the way sensitive issues are addressed so that viewers can easily empathize as they watch.”

Rising actor Ha Joon plays Do Yeon Woo, a good-looking and skillful teacher who steals the hearts of the students, and shows a matured side of his acting. Ha Joon shared, “[The drama] vividly depicts school life and rhythmically tells the story of what happens within the school. It’s nothing like a strong sonagi (rain shower), but rather a drama that will slowly grow on you like a sprinkle of rain.” He added, “The short-term teacher Go Ha Neul starts off in the spotlight, but as the story progresses, it will reveal the stories of other teachers. In the end, every person has a story that couldn’t be shared, and it sends the message that we might all [have] black dogs. [People with] black dogs need attention and love. Please look forward to the premiere.”

Lee Chang Hoon plays Bae Myung Soo, the biology teacher of seven years and the only pacifist in a turbulent society of educators. Lee Chang Hoon shared that through “Black Dog,” he realized that teachers are also humans, members of society, and officer workers. He revealed, “The set was always like a class reunion. It was always friendly, chatty, and full of laughter like the holidays when close relatives have a gathering. The story that the drama is trying to tell is not light, but because of the chemistry of the actors, it is able to convey the story more joyfully and more deeply.”

tvN’s “Black Dog” is set to premiere on December 16 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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