Yoon Ji Hye Speaks Up About The Unprofessional Filming Environment Of Her New Movie

Yoon Ji Hye criticized her upcoming movie “Clean Up.”

On December 14, the actress opened up on her Instagram account about the unprofessional filming environment of “Clean Up.” She shared, “The film was not made like an ordinary movie and was produced by the KAFA (Korean Academy of Fim Arts), an educational institution for film directors, with a production cost of around 70 million won (approximately $59,600). The rest of the outsourced staff were merely helping the director, who had to take care of everything on their own. The PD [producing director] is also [helping], and some people only came when they wanted to like it was a part-time job. I had seen some nice productions made by this institution, and I wanted to focus on acting. I even bowed to the director out of gratitude for writing this kind of scenario.”

Then she continued, “We filmed day and night for a month. Around the third filming, I felt that the process was too strange, and I gradually began experiencing problems beyond common sense. I had to get off a car in motion without any measures of safety because the director was just watching the monitor and not yelling ‘cut.’ The taxis that were honking loudly and avoiding me probably thought I was crazy. When we were kicked out of the subway for filming secretly, I remember [the staff] making excuses about it being a student film and fleeing from place to place while walking on eggshells as if it would become a fun memory.”

Yoon Ji Hye added, “I refused to be swayed by news that [the movie] was about to be released and was holding on by telling myself, ‘You can be in a better production.’ Yesterday, I felt like I was backstabbed once again when I saw pictures that had nothing to do with the movie being used for the film’s marketing. I’d like to ask, in whose eyes was the filming environment bright? Do you think all the pain I’ve suffered will be all right with a single photo of me smiling at the scene? Whose idea is the phrase ‘masterpiece’? Does winning a few awards make it into a masterpiece?”

She said, “This movie is misery porn. Is it a good movie if the results are good? Those who pretend to own the film do not even deserve to use the expressions ‘masterwork,’ ‘masterpiece,’ ‘suspicious,’ and ‘heavy.’ I don’t want to suffer a second round of cajolement with the petty marketing. There were too many scars left by this work that I participated in with affection. I wanted to reveal the reality that I felt, and I thought I should warn other actors about the problems of my work with KAFA. I made the choice myself, and aside from the money, I wanted to try out minimalistic work that was closer to the essence. It was my first time participating in such a low-budget project, and it turned out to be a great misunderstanding to think that I could feel something by working with beginners and thus work passionately.”

On December 15, Yoon Ji Hye uploaded another post regarding the poor filming environment of “Clean Up.” She started, “I was the oldest person on the scene and the person with the most experience in the field. As the lead actress and senior actor, I’d like to apologize once again for failing to provide better solutions to those who participated in it. I apologize to the people I worked with for not having the ease to do so and collapsing like this.”

She continued, “Rather than overlooking this, I thought it would be better for my health to deal with the consequences after revealing everything. First of all, I couldn’t stand it because I was distressed, and I felt like I was going to die. Many of you are divided over what I’ve done with a lot of opinions… But I will not regret it. Please don’t judge the situation by just a fragment of the story.”

The actress explained, “I participated in this film regardless of the money, and at first, I was asked to do so [without being paid]. However, I dislike [the concept of working for no pay], which is considered a symbol of sacrifice and passion, so I told them I should be paid at least for the sake of being paid. Therefore, I was paid 1 million won [approximately $853]. It was a really perfunctory amount, less than the minimum hourly wage for labor, and only several hundred thousand won was deposited to me after dividing it with my agency.”

She added, “On a set where not even the minimum-required setups are made, the actor who is exposed to the front line becomes responsible for all the consequences, and the stress caused me to suffer intensely. I thank many people for sympathizing with me. I was expressing my personal pain, and I am [thankful] to be encouraged by so many people. I won’t be discouraged or tired. I’ll stay strong. I will not worry you. I will work hard to repay you with good acting.”

“Clean Up” is the last Korean film to be presented this year by KAFA and was directed by Kwon Man Ki. It is based on a female perpetrator and male victim of a child kidnapping who come face to face 12 years after the incident. It has already won the New Current Award and KTH Award at the Busan International Film Festival and the Best Film Award at the International Film Festival & Awards Macao.

“Clean Up” will be released on December 19.

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