Update: Stray Kids’ Han Not Participating In Currently Scheduled Fan Signing Events Due To Health

Updated December 16 KST:

Stray Kids’ Han will not be taking part in the group’s fan signing events that have been scheduled as of December 16.

JYP Entertainment released the following statement:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We inform you that Stray Kids member Han will not be participating in the fan signing events below:

– December 20 (Friday) fan signing event
– December 21 (Saturday) fan signing event
– December 26 (Thursday) fan signing event

This is for the sake of the artist’s speedy recovery, so we ask STAYs for their kind understanding.

We will make an announcement in the case of any additional changes to [Han’s] schedule.

Thank you.

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Original Article:

JYP Entertainment has released a statement regarding the health of Stray Kids’ Han, which reads as follows:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We would like to share a notice regarding the schedule and health status of Stray Kids’ Han.

Currently, Han is showing symptoms of intermittent psychological anxiety. Though it does not impede on the majority of his regular broadcast schedules and stages, he feels extreme tension when he is close to groups of people.

His health has greatly improved through active treatment, and considering Han’s personal desire to not worry fans, Han appeared in the fan signing event that took place today. Unfortunately, he was not able to stay at the event till the end.

We apologize for worrying STAYs.

As we put our artists’ health above all else, we will continue to make sure he receives adequate rest and treatment until his condition improves, and decisions on whether he will participate in upcoming schedules will be made after Han and the other Stray Kids members have discussed it thoroughly. As his symptoms are variable, the decision for Han to appear at scheduled events will unfortunately have to be selective, and we ask for your understanding.

Han has been determined to proactively undergo treatment, and all of the members of Stray Kids have been working hard to give Han strength. We will also do our best to make sure our artist can recover.

We will continue to do our best for Han’s recovery.

We ask that STAYs continue to send Han your support as well.

Following this announcement, JYP Entertainment has also stated that Han will not be participating in the filming for the “2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships,” which is scheduled for December 16.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids member Han will not be participating in the filming of “2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships,” which is scheduled for tomorrow.

We ask for STAYs’ understanding, and we will do our best to ensure that our artist gets as much rest as possible.

Thank you.

We wish Han all the best on his continued treatment and recovery.

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