Oh Na Ra And Jung Woong In Have A War Of Nerves + Gil Hae Yeon Becomes Jo Yeo Jeong’s Mentor In “Woman Of 9.9 Billion”

Woman of 9.9 Billion” has released new stills ahead of this week’s episodes!

This series is about a woman named Jung Seo Yeon (played by Jo Yeo Jeong) who lived a hopeless life before coming across a fortune of 9.9 billion won (approximately $8.4 million) in cash. After acquiring this wealth, she finds herself up against the world again as she fights to protect herself and the money.


In the first set of stills, Hong In Pyo (Jung Woong In) and Yoon Hee Joo (Oh Na Ra) are having a suspicious meeting. Hong In Pyo, who began searching for the whereabouts of Jung Seo Yeon who disappeared in the previous episode, visited the Unam Foundation for the first time. Viewers are curious about why he visited Yoon Hee Joo and what kind of conversation they are having. Judging from the unsettling expressions of Hong In Pyo and Yoon Hee Joo, they are up to no good. 

The second set of stills shows Jang Geum Ja (Gil Hae Yeon) and Jung Seo Yeon.

To Jung Seo Yeon, Jang Geum Ja may be just an elderly woman who isn’t able to walk on her own, but Jang Geum Ja is actually a legend in the Myeongdong private loan market. Whenever Jung Seo Yeon goes to clean her house, Jang Geum Ja talks to her viciously yet seems interested in how Jung Seo Yeon calmly goes about her work despite this.

In the photos, Jung Seo Yeon and Jang Geum Ja are having a serious conversation. Jang Geum Ja holds a charismatic gaze as she speaks to someone on the phone, and Jung Seo Yeon watches her with wide eyes of wonder.

It was revealed that the 9.9 billion won is illegal money drawn from illegal gambling websites run by Kim Do Hak (Yang Hyun Min), and his men are searching for the whereabouts of the money. After realizing that, Jung Seo Yeon attempts to launder the money, and viewers are wondering what role Jang Geum Ja will play in that.

“Woman of 9.9 Billion” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. KST.

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