Watch: Seo Eon And Seo Jun’s Mom Shares Videos Of Their Adorable Kindergarten Year-End Performances

Seo Eon and Seo Jun wrapped up 2019 with performances at their kindergarten!

On December 19, the twins’ mother Moon Jung Won posted photos of their family and videos each of the twins performing with their classes.

On a post with family photos of herself, husband Lee Hwi Jae, and the twins, she wrote, “It’s somehow already December of their seventh year. Kindergarten Rose Class and Orchid Class’s year-end party. Now their graduation is coming soon” and added crying emojis.

Along with a series of videos and photos of Seo Eon performing, she wrote, “Our Seo Eon who is always serious. I’ve been watching videos of the twins on loop all day while taking a rest. (Warning: the seventh video is not a quiz show).”

For Seo Jun’s videos, she wrote, “Our Seo Jun who is always cute. So bubbly, I love you.”

The boys both dance to H.O.T’s “Candy” with their classes, wear traditional clothes for another performance, and more.

Seo Jun, Seo Eon, and Lee Hwi Jae appeared together on the KBS reality show “The Return of Superman” from its pilot episode in 2013 until 2018, with the twins becoming beloved household names as viewers watched them grow up over the years.

Watch “The Return of Superman” below!

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