New Decade, New Hair: 10 Hair Colors Idols Rocked In 2019 That You Should Try In 2020

Is there really anything more fun — and low key adrenaline-loaded — than trying to figure out what color your favorite idols will dye their hair next? Don’t think so. Is it blue? Will she go red? Is he going back to brown? So many colors, so many choices, but in 2019, there were some shades idols couldn’t resist trying out, and while we’re sure 2020 will bring a whole new rainbow of possibilities, these are some of the colors our faves tried this year that you should test out in the new decade.

Calypso Dreams

There’s something about this shade that’s really hypnotizing. Calypso hair had a moment this year, and we’re here to see even more of it during 2020. From bright and vibrant to a bit more washed off, this color truly sparks joy.


Tangerine Orange

Bright, saturated, and almost neon orange had a comeback this year. After its 2016 popularity it kinda went low key for a bit, but in 2019 tangerine was a statement, and many idols felt like trying it. Definitely a great color if you don’t wanna go unnoticed in 2020.

Fire Red

Is radiant red ever out of the list? Not really. This shade is a favorite between idols and never, ever goes out of style. While females rock this color anytime, 2019 was the year for men-in-red, and we’re sure 2020 will bring even more of it.

Ginger Is The New Black

Is everyone as obsessed as me with ginger locks? It’s a mix of softness and personality that truly stands out from the crowd. This year we saw it all over the place to the point it felt like a default for many idols, and we’re here for it.

Blondish Gray

Another favorite this year. Not quite blonde, not quite gray, but the perfect combo between them. One of the greatest perks of it is how versatile it can be, as depending on lighting it’ll look different, so basically you carry countless shades in one.

Washed Off Pink

Pink hair has been a must in K-pop for years now, but in 2019 we saw lots of washed off, blondish pink shades that are truly what bubblegum dreams are made of. It can be a soft, cute color for some and an irreverent, sexy one for others. A multifaceted color that fits pretty much everyone.

Ashy Platinum

Platinum hair is great, but idols are a step ahead of us and went for an ashy platinum this year that has more movement and volume to it than the plain one. From short bobs to long manes and pixies, this shade truly brings out your hair texture and shape in the best way possible.

Almost-black-but-not-really Black

Not gonna lie. I’m a fan of idols dying their hair black, but in 2019 they surprised us with a shade that’s way more versatile than plain pitch black. Consider it a super dark brown, with either a red or blue undertone that looks absolutely black when light is soft but turns colored when light or the sun hits. So in the end, what looks like the most basic color is not as basic as you think.


This color is what you can call a joyful treat. Every time an idol showed up in turquoise this year the internet — and I — went crazy for it. It’s such a statement and a fun shade to play with. From sweet to summery or dark concepts, this shade is for sure an icon of 2019.

Platinum Blue

Let me tell you: it’s just the beginning for platinum blue. It’s a color that idols haven’t explored so much yet, but will blow up in 2020 without a doubt. Its greatest perk? It truly goes fantastic with any skin color, so if you’re not sure where to start, this is a great option.

What about you, Soompiers? Would you dye your hair any of these colors in 2020?

Caromalis is a K-pop, K-fashion, and K-beauty obsessed content creator and writer. You can find her interviewing some of your (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-beauty trends or testing idols’ skincare routines. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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