Jung Hae In Talks About Working With Park Jung Min After Having Been A Fan

Jung Hae In, who stars in the new movie “Ignition,” talked about similarities and differences with his character and working with actor Park Jung Min.

“Ignition” is about the foolish rebel Taek Il (Park Jung Min), who meets the mysterious chef of a Chinese restaurant Geo Seok (Ma Dong Seok) and the overzealous rebel Sang Pil (Jung Hae In) as they attempt to face the real world.

Talking about his character Sang Pil, Jung Hae In said that their lives as students were similar. “During school, I was average and normal. I closely followed trends, liked copying my friends, and liked to be included. I didn’t stand out.”

On how his character in the film curses a lot, which is different from his usual on-screen image, Jung Hae In said, “Sang Pil is a good character. It’s just that he’s immature, and his way of expressing himself is rough. It wasn’t too difficult, nor did I feel a big separation from the character. For all the cursing, the director didn’t want me to do it as if it were completely natural to me.”

On working with Park Jung Min, who plays his best friend in the film, Jung Hae In said, “When we were filming, we made several versions of scenes. Park Jung Min naturally improvised a lot. I tend to follow the script when I act, but I like reacting to improvisations.”

The actor revealed that he became a fan of Park Jung Min after watching the 2011 film “Bleak Night.” “At the time,” said Jung Hae In, “I was still a student. I had a vague idea that I might be able to meet [Park Jung Min] if I worked hard. I’m glad we were able to work together, although I wish we had filmed more together. Even when we were riding a motorcycle, I wish I was able to see more than the back of his head. But I think we could meet again through a different project.”

He added, “Neither of us talk much. But even if we weren’t doing anything, it wasn’t uncomfortable. Silence wasn’t awkward, and the atmosphere was comfortable. He made it comfortable. He treated me like a friend, and it felt natural.”

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