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The December 21 episode of MBC’s “Music Core” had Baek A Yeon’s “Square (2017)” up against Sung Si Kyung and IU’s “First Winter” and IU’s “Blueming.” Sung Si Kyung and IU came in third place with 5,283 points, and Baek A Yeon came in second place with 6,737 points.

IU took home the win with “Blueming” with 7,312 points, making this her fifth win for “Blueming.” Congratulations to IU!

The day featured performances by Kim Jae Hwan, Mommy Son, Kim Hyun Chul, Kim Young Chul, gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, Stray Kids, Golden Child, BVNDIT, Sleepy, Y-Goon, Seven O’Clock, HIGHBRO, Newkidd, and WE IN THE ZONE.

Check out the performances below!

WE IN THE ZONE – “Loveade”

BVNDIT – “Dumb”

Newkidd – “Come”

Seven O’Clock – “Midnight Sun”

HIGHBRO – “Let’s Sing”

Y-Goon (featuring BIGJO) – “One Better”

Golden Child – “WANNABE”

Kim Young Chul – “Signal Light”

Kim Sejeong + Kim Jae Hwan – “Dream”

Stray Kids – “Neverending Story” + “Levanter”

Mommy Son (featuring Eugene Park, Bae Gisung) – “Star Song” + “Boy Jump”

Sleepy (featuring Liquor) – “imFINE”

Kim Hyun Chul – “We Can Fly High”

Kim Sejeong – “Tunnel”

Kim Jae Hwan – “NUNA” + “The Time I Need”

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