SBS’s “VIP” has come to an end.

On December 24, the thrilling office melodrama aired its highly-anticipated finale after recording a personal best in viewership ratings the day before.

The cast shared their final thoughts and thanked viewers and staff members who joined them on the journey.

Jang Nara portrayed Na Jung Sun, who lived an ordinary life as an office worker and wife before being dragged into a scandal because of her husband and his mistress. “I was happy and had fun throughout the entire time filming thanks to our really kind director, writer, and all of the staff’s generosity,” she said. “Even as we’re ending now, it’ll be a project that I won’t be able to forget in the future. I won’t forget this precious time and our friendships.”

Lee Sang Yoon appeared as Na Jung Sun’s husband Park Sung Joon who was at the center of this intense office scandal.

He said, “The amount that I was criticized is proof that this drama received lots of love, so I believe that all of you loved our drama. I think that I gained all of these people through this project because the teamwork was good between the actors who acted together, the director who led the set, all of the staff members who always tried their best, and the writer who wrote great words. More than anything, it was the biggest gift for me. I hope you’ll end this year well and I wish you a happy new year in 2020.”

Lee Chung Ah was loved by viewers for her refreshing “girl crush” character Lee Hyun Ah.

She commented, “The set was enjoyable every day while I lived as Lee Hyun Ah for the past five months due to the trust and love between the actors and the staff’s passion. I thank the director and staff members who are working hard until the day of the finale today, and I will consistently work harder in my position. I will remember 2019 with more meaning thanks to many people who watched and loved ‘VIP.'”

Kwak Sun Young told the realistic story of a working mom struggling between building a successful career and taking care of her family. “‘VIP’ flew by,” she said. “Each and every day of filming and broadcasting that went by was sad and precious. Thank you for loving ‘VIP’ until now. I’m going to miss it a lot.”

Pyo Ye Jin was at the center of the storm that brought plot twists and surprises to the drama, as she played Park Sung Joon’s mistress Ha Yoo Ri. She said, “I spent 2019 with ‘VIP’ and I feel sad and can’t believe it’s the end. The time I lived as Yoo Ri was heartbreaking and difficult, but it was the happiest time of my life because I was with valuable people. I will cherish Yoo Ri and ‘VIP’ for a long time.”

Shin Jae Ha transformed into the VIP task force’s lovable troublemaker and mascot Ma Sang Woo. “It was a time that seemed both long and short, but it was a really joyful time for me,” said the actor. “I think that the teamwork between actors and staff and consideration for others is always important on set, and the set of ‘VIP’ was particularly special. I was really happy while filming and even happier that the viewers enjoyed it.”

A source from the drama concluded, “‘VIP’ was able to run from the beginning of filming in May to now because of the actors’ special love and viewers’ support. Please tune in until the end to see how the couple Na Jung Sun and Park Sung Joon who announced a breakup and the private office melodrama will end.”

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