Han Chae Ah Apologizes For Her Husband’s Drunk Driving Accident

Actress Han Chae Ah made a formal apology regarding her husband Cha Se Jji.

On December 24, a source from the Jongno Police Station’s Traffic Investigation Unit told OSEN, “Cha Se Jji was booked without detention on December 23 around 11 p.m. for causing a drunk driving accident. At the time, Cha Se Jji’s blood alcohol content was enough for his license to get revoked.”

On December 23 at 11:40 p.m., Cha Se Jji drank in front of a restaurant in the district of Jongno before driving and getting into a car accident. He was booked by the police for violating traffic laws and is currently under investigation. A source from the police station added, “There is an investigation remaining for Cha Se Jji.”

Han Chae Ah’s full statement is below:

Hello. This is Han Chae Ah.

I first want to apologize for greeting you with unpleasant news. After reading about my husband’s incident through the news, I’m sure that many people feel uncomfortable and disappointed.

My husband’s incident was an undeniably wrong act and something he should never do, so I apologize to you like this without any room for excuses. I’m sorry…

I’ll work harder so that this kind of incident doesn’t happen again in the future. I have nothing to say than to say I’m sorry..I sincerely apologize once again..

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Cha Se Jji and Han Chae Ah got married in May 2018 after confirming their relationship in 2017. Before their wedding, the couple announced she was six weeks pregnant and she gave birth to their daughter in October.

Cha Se Jji is the brother of retired South Korean national soccer team player Cha Du Ri and son of former soccer player and manager Cha Bum Keun. Han Chae Ah currently appears as a narrator on “The Return of Superman.”

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