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Lee Sang Yoon, who starred alongside Jang Nara in the recently-concluded SBS drama “VIP,” sat down with MyDaily for an interview.

On playing his character Park Sung Joon, he said, “It was difficult to portray emotions with a character who bottles everything up.”

When asked about how it was working with Jang Nara and Pyo Ye Jin, Lee Sang Yoon said, “Jang Nara and Pyo Ye Jin are both excellent at acting, so it was really comfortable. Jang Nara is excellent at acting herself, but she’s also great at adapting to the other actors, so it was easy. And while Pyo Ye Jin doesn’t have as much experience as Jang Nara, she was still able to portray deep emotion, so I was really impressed. I got a lot of help from both of them.”

In the beginning of Lee Sang Yoon’s career, he gained the image of “the perfect boy next door,” having graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in physics. On whether he was concerned that playing someone who cheats on his wife would affect that image, he said, “I wasn’t worried. I think it actually helped. Before Park Sung Joon’s secrets were revealed, I think a lot of people thought, ‘Lee Sang Yoon is the actor, so it won’t turn out to be adultery.’ In the end, the nice image I have threw people off, and the character was disliked even more.”

Lee Sang Yoon is a fixed cast member of the SBS variety show “Master in the House,” and the actor revealed that it was difficult going back and forth between “VIP” and the variety show.

“When filming [‘About Time‘] last year, going to do ‘Master in the House’ after four to five days of straight filming felt like a refresh and a good rest. But with ‘VIP,’ there was a new standard labor contract. For five months, we never [went over the max work hours] and would have days of rest. So whenever I went to film ‘Master in the House,’ it felt different than last year. It felt like I was filming two different projects at once.”

Talking about the ending of “VIP,” Lee Sang Yoon said, “I like the ending. The actors talked about it, and we think the theme of ‘VIP’ is growth. In Sung Joon’s case, when he looks back after losing everything, he realizes what was truly important and regrets [his actions].”

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