Update: 2019 KBS Song Festival CP Apologizes Once More To Apink + Play M Entertainment Issues Statement

Updated December 28 KST:

In a separate phone interview with Osen, Kwon Yong Taek, the chief producer (CP) of 2019 KBS Song Festival, once again apologized to Apink and fans, further explaining what had happened.

He stated, “I’m sorry. I have nothing to say for myself. It was our fault. I want to apologize once again to Apink and their fans.”

The CP went on to explain, “We had a rehearsal the day before, but we were unable to do the camera rehearsal [on the day of]. It was a decision I had to make as audience admissions were delayed. Though not being able to do camera rehearsals puts a lot of pressure on staff during the live show, we made the decision that we could not delay the audience any longer so some teams were not able to do camera rehearsals. As a result, a mistake was made and I believe it is something I must take responsibility for.”

Kwon Yong Taek explained that after Apink’s performance at 2019 KBS Song Festival, the PD who was on site visited Apink’s waiting room to apologize. He stated, “While the show was going on, the PD who was there made sure to go to Apink in their waiting room and explain the situation and apologize. There have been some who said we were neglecting Apink, but we have no reason to do that.”

He stated, “As soon as the show was over, the director of the production division went to meet with Apink. Although he was unable to meet them as the members had gotten in their vehicle by that time, he met with their agency’s vice president and asked for our apology to be delivered to the members.”

The CP concluded by apologizing once more to Apink and fans as he said, “This will be something we will be making up to Apink for a long time. We hope that the scars they’ve received will not grow too large from this.”

Apink’s agency Play M Entertainment also released a statement on the issue on Apink’s fan cafe, which reads as follows:

Hello, this is Play M Entertainment.

We wish to speak with you regarding Apink’s performance at 2019 KBS Song Festival.

During the live show of 2019 KBS Song Festival on December 27, an unfortunate incident occurred where our artist Apink was not able to complete their “%%” performance.

As soon as our artists came down from the stage, our agency spoke with the KBS staff on how the incident had occurred, and the KBS staff immediately expressed their apologies to the members. The KBS staff has since released an official apology this afternoon.

Regardless of how it happened, our agency wished to express our regret that fans were not able to see the whole performance that was planned. As we know better than anyone the hard work, care, and sweat our artists put in for the year-end performance, our regret grows even more.

We wish to thank fans for your concern and worry. We also wish to express our gratitude once more for the unending love you have given this year, and we will work hard to make sure we come out stronger from this.

December 28, 2019. Play M Entertainment

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Original Article:

KBS has issued an official apology to Apink regarding their performance at 2019 KBS Song Festival.

On December 27, Apink performed at the year-end festival but their music was abruptly cut off during the live show, prematurely ending their performance. After the incident, the members of Apink took to social media to address what had happened.

With criticism mounting against KBS, they have released an official apology to Apink and fans, penned by Kwon Yong Taek, the chief producer (CP) of 2019 KBS Song Festival. The apology reads as follows:

We sincerely apologize to Apink and their fans for Apink’s performance not being able to end as planned during 2019 KBS Song Festival yesterday.

Our mistake did not allow the performance, that the members prepared for their fans and worked hard day and night for despite their busy schedules, to shine properly, and we are not sure how to console the hurt that the members and fans are experiencing as a result. We apologize to the staff of Apink as well, who worked hard to create a great stage.

Yesterday, camera rehearsals were delayed by over an hour as we faced issues with the video equipment that was suspended from the ceiling. It was an unfortunate but necessary delay for safety reasons, but at the request from the event management team who said that we could not delay audience admissions into the venue any longer, I ordered for a portion of the camera rehearsals to be omitted.

This was an error of our staff during the live show, but it was an accident that would not have happened if we had better prepared for the show, so I take full responsibility for this. We will seriously look over the production issues that took place, and place measures to ensure that it does not happen again.

Once again, we bow our heads and apologize to Apink and their fans.

2019 KBS Song Festival chief producer Kwon Yong Taek

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