Jang Hyuk Describes His Experience Working With Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan, And AOA's Seolhyun In

Jang Hyuk shared his thoughts on his latest drama “My Country.”

The actor received praised for his different portrayal of Lee Bang Won in “My Country” from his previous performance of the same character in the 2015 film “Empire of Lust.” Lee Bang Won is the name of King Taejong, the third king of the Joseon dynasty.

Speaking about why he chose to appear in “My Country,” Jang Hyuk began, “I wanted to portray Lee Bang Won again. I was happy I was able to play him again for eight months. To be honest, there were some unsatisfactory parts about acting as Lee Bang Won in ‘Empire of Lust.’ I had to appear as an antagonist on the outskirts, but I wondered what it would be like if it was an open angle. So right when I was thinking about wanting to portray Lee Bang Won again, I received an offer for ‘My Country.’ I asked the director to allow me to act the scene where he pitifully sits on the throne after achieving everything. I was happy for the span of eight months because I could express that part.”

Jang Hyuk was joined by actors Woo Do Hwan, Yang Se Jong, and AOA’s Seolhyun in “My Country.” “Woo Do Hwan and Yang Se Jong worked hard,” he said. “So it was really fun exchanging lines on set. I liked it when we came prepared and our analyses matched up. Yang Se Jong is especially a really kind person. If I was to liken him to [a position in] soccer, he would be a midfielder. He was very considerate. He was really great. It was fun working with the two actors.”

He continued, “Seolhyun has a good attitude. I’m not talking about whether she acted well or not, but as I said, she has a really good attitude. I actually didn’t have many scenes with Seolhyun. But, she tried to really learn, contemplate, and show the part we talked about together on set. She was someone who had a really good attitude. I can’t dare discuss her potential, but I think she can develop into a good actress.”

Jang Hyuk looked ahead at 2020 and talked about his next project, OCN’s thriller “Tell Me What You Saw.” He concluded, “There were many things I wanted to do in different areas after finishing ‘My Country,’ so I quickly chose this project. I chose to participate because I happened to get an offer for the project I wanted to do and didn’t know when I’d get another chance if I chose not to do it.”

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