10 Iconic Outfits EXO's Kai Has Pulled Off Like No One Else Could

Fashion king, Gucci king, crop-top king… all true statements about EXO’s Kai, to be honest, because can anyone in this world deny he is simply a fashion icon? Don’t think so. Since his very debut and up to these days, he’s always surprised us with incredible fashion choices, from elegant and chic to irreverent and avant-garde, but no matter what he wears, one thing’s for sure: he’s always breathtaking. No matter if he’s at the airport, on stage, or sitting front row at a fashion show, Kai is not afraid to go a step forward and try new things when talking style, and while choosing only 10 outfits was truly a hard task, here are some of our absolute favorite Kai looks on and off stage.

Crop Tops… All Of Them

We stan a man that breaks fashion paradigms. One of Kai’s great fashion features is how he wears anything he wants without going through the filter of “what he can or can’t wear,” and crop tops are proof of it. I mean, is there anyone out there rocking crop tops the way he is? I truly don’t think so. From cozy knit ones to ripped shirts and leather corsets, we’re here for Kai in crop tops now and for eternity.



Kai’s Tempo

The power, the irreverence, the simple-yet-groundbreaking vibes. This is a favorite for fans all around the world, as it seems to embrace every aspect of Kai’s personality and style: mysterious, elegant, bold, reserved, and extremely talented. It’s a combo of high fashion and a messy, effortless aesthetic only he can pull off oh-so-well.


Gucci Dreams Are Made Of This

Remember that day Kai broke the style realm by showing up at Gucci’s fashion show dressed like the king he is? Yep, nothing has been the same ever since. Kai is the very first Korean to become Gucci’s global ambassador, and oh-boy he deserves the title. The two-piece matching suit, the long sweater, the prince-like shoes, and of course, the nude headband dotted with crystals and strung with crystal fringe that fell down his chest and hung in front of his eyes. A fashion moment for the books.


Pajama Vibes

Ahhh…. being able to roll out of bed and look this good… yeah, can’t relate either, but I’m here to see how human beings like Kai manage to do so and look stunning while at it. If there’s one thing Kai knows how to do better than anyone else, it’s accessorizing. A simple color block set becomes a runway-worthy look thanks to the velvet backpack and Gucci loafers. A match made in heaven.


Leather Statement

May we take it back to this iconic moment in history? The leather, the crystals, the pearls, the belt… can anyone out there really pull this off except for Kai? This is one of his most iconic eras, and it’s really easy to see why. He’s been walking a step ahead of us all this time, and this is proof of it.


More Is More

There’s something about Kai and how he manages to pull off things no one else could. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, here’s a clear example. When Kai shows up for Gucci fashion shows, he truly goes all the way, but he always keeps his essence. While there’s a lot happening here, it’s still Kai, and that’s why we love his style so much.


Velvety Vibes

The makeup, the hair, the turtleneck, the velvet… somehow this look falls into place like a perfect puzzle. Another one of Kai’s wonderful features is how his makeup always enhances his style. In this case, the perfect combo of burgundy eyeshadow and dark azure blue velvet come together to take our breath and minds away.


Good — And Stylish — Boy

Cozy-vibe goals right here. Kai has the ability to wear many different styles and look comfortable and like himself in all of them. Nothing he wears looks forced-on or like he’s trying too hard, even when he tests many different styles on the regular. This more British-oxford-vibes outfit is full of little details that make it one for the runway: the bag, the glasses, the patterns, the sneakers… a statement look without a doubt.


Simply Fall

There’s something so simple yet so elegant and chic about this outfit. The monochrome shades pair perfectly with the accents of the accessories, his hair color, and even the shoes. A true testament to how you can go simple and yet kill the fashion game.


New Era Prince Charming

I like to call this outfit the New Era Prince Charming, and I think you’ll get why. Not only does he look 20 times better than any of us at the airport, but he also manages to pull off the look almost as if he was born with it: it fits to perfection, and he looks ready to rescue anyone locked in a high tower and live happily ever after.


There are hundreds of other outfits Kai has worn in the past that deserve a fashion award, but these are some of our all-time faves. Which one is your favorite, Soompiers?

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