The YouTube channel for Park Makrye responded after Jun Hyun Moo came under fire for his comments towards her at the 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards.

During the show on December 21, Park Makrye appeared on stage as a presenter for the Hot Issue award along with comedian Moon Se Yoon. Park Makrye is a YouTuber known as “Korea Grandma,” and she has over 1.16 million subscribers.

When Park Makrye was asked to reveal the winners of the award by reading the names off a smart phone that folds, there was a short delay as she had trouble using it and jokingly commented about the design of the phone.

Jun Hyun Moo, who was one of the show’s MCs, commented, “You’re hosting this like it’s your personal broadcast. How refreshing.” He received criticism for his comments from many people online, who said they were rude.

On December 29, Park Makrye’s YouTube channel shared a behind-the-scenes video from the show. The channel also posted the following statement as a comment:

The day after the award show, Jun Hyun Moo called Grandma to apologize and say that it seems he made a mistake. Since I had also thought of it just as a witty reaction intended to help Grandma’s character… Grandma and I hoped that it would just be remembered as an enjoyable scene, so it’s too bad that it did not turn out as we’d hoped. Still, we hope that you will be understanding in this space that is for Makryes [a nickname for Park Makrye] and her fans! Let’s just have happy memories..!! Thanks to your support, it was a good memory, and it was a cool challenge that’s given Makryes more confidence. Thank you! We hope that you’ll recharge yourself with Makryes’s video on this Sunday night!

See the winners of the 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards here.

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