BTS Names Their Personal Goals For 2020 Including Mixtapes, Learning New Things, And More

BTS looked back on 2019 and shared their plans for 2020!

While in New York City to perform at “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” on December 31, BTS held a V Live broadcast to count down with fans as the new year began in Korea at midnight KST.

The guys talked about whether they’d achieved the goals they made for 2019, and RM said he didn’t remember what his goals had been. “I think it must have been, ‘Let’s be healthy,'” suggested Jin.

Suga added, “It would have been something like be healthy, exercise, and learn English.” V shared that he’d wanted to learn to play the violin but wasn’t able to.

Suga suggested that they can call their goals a success if they’ve achieved one of them, and he said that he succeeded at his goal of working out. RM also said he succeeded at that, and V shared that he’s personally been exercising for seven months.

“I failed at studying English,” said Suga. “Me too!” added Jungkook. Suga explained that it was hard to find spare time to do it, and Jungkook joked that all he remembers from his studying is the word “Pardon.”

“I tried studying with Namjoon [RM]’s method,” said Suga. “I was studying English while watching American TV shows but it wasn’t easy.” RM agreed that the method takes a lot of time.

When J-Hope was asked if he achieved any goals in 2019, Jungkook suggested that it was perming his hair. J-Hope laughed and said he must have permed his hair three or four times in 2019, but it hadn’t been a goal for the year. “But I think I worked really hard this year,” he said.

The guys then happily celebrated the new year at midnight KST!

BTS soon moved on to talking about their goals for 2020. Jungkook said his basic goal is being healthy and named learning English as his ultimate goal. “This year I want to grow in terms of music,” he added.

Jin said that Jungkook’s goal for the past two years has been releasing a mixtape. Jungkook explained, “Since it’s my own personal thing, I have to make a lot of edits to it.” Jin also reminded Jungkook that he has finished a song.

RM advised him, “Jungkook, there’s nothing in this world that’s perfect. You just have to release it when you think it’s good enough.” Suga said that people like Jungkook have trouble releasing songs because of this. “Just release it!” he encouraged him.

Jungkook was asked to share a specific goal for the year, and he said he’d wanted to learn the piano but it was too difficult, so now he wants to learn to play the guitar. He also mentioned that he wants to work hard at writing songs.

V was up next, and the guys mentioned how he hadn’t been able to learn to play the violin. V shared that now he’s going to take piano lessons when he has time. He also said he wants to find things that will give him time for healing, and Jin suggested joining their fishing crew.

Jimin‘s goals for 2020 included losing weight, and he also said that he wants to help out the team more. “How could you help us more?” asked RM, and Jimin said he wants to dance better. “I hope we all stay healthy, and I hope we can make lots of memories with ARMY,” he added.

RM mentioned that he’s been working out five times a week lately, and the guys confirmed that he’s been working out the most out of all of them. RM’s goal is therefore to keep working out in the new year and build up his body. He also said that he’s aiming to read more while they’re in waiting rooms.

J-Hope named being healthy as his goal for the year, since it’s critical to be healthy to perform, record, or do anything. Another goal he shared was taking care of his looks this year, which he described as important as they get older. “To be more specific and detailed, I’d like to write a calmer song, unlike the ones I’ve written so far,” he added.

Suga said he aims to continue working out in 2020, and he wants to keep trying to learn English. To achieve the latter goal, he said he thinks it would be best if he schedules studying in his daily routine.

“Also, my mixtape wasn’t released last year,” he said. “There were some issues — not my personal issues, but timing issues. It should be released this year.” He then laughed and said, “It should have been released earlier, I think I need to change the lyrics a lot now.”

On Jin’s turn, he said he aims to live more youthfully. The guys laughed at this and asked if he wants to go back to being a baby. “I’m not that old, but I’ve started feeling too lazy to do things and I talk less,” said Jin. “So I want to make an effort to act youthfully. I think I should act young so I’ll look young too.” The members laughed over how lately Jin’s been using cutesy spelling in their group chat, which their managers can see too, and Jin said with a laugh, “I’m trying, you guys.”

Jin also added that his goal for 2019 was to learn piano but he wasn’t able to because he only had a day off each month, so he’s hoping to get some more days off this year so he can take lessons.

Jungkook suggested that he show the efforts of his learning on his birthday this year on December 4, and Jin laughed and said, “I’ll think about it if you release your mixtape.”

Check out BTS performing at “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” here!

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