Update: B.O.Y Talks About Their Re-Debut, Role Models, And Goals For 2020 + Drops Mystical

Updated January 7 KST:

The new duo B.O.Y has officially made their debut with the mini album “Phase One : YOU” and its title track “My Angel”!

“My Angel” is a sophisticated dance track that showcases the fateful encounter between the sun, which represents Song Yu Vin, and the moon, which represents Kim Kook Heon.

Filmed in Los Angeles, United States, the music video shows the two members wandering the wilderness and city in search of something special. Watch it below!

Original Article:

On January 6, B.O.Y held a showcase for their first comeback and first mini album, “Phase One : YOU,” which features double title tracks “My Angel” and “Hands of a Clock.”

B.O.Y is a duo formed by former MYTEEN members and “Produce X 101” contestants Kim Kook Heon and Song Yu Vin. Their group name stands for “Best Of You” and “Both Of You,” representing that they can both become the best to someone.

The two shared their perspective on this comeback, describing it as “a hot debut rather than a comeback.” Kim Kook Heon added, “Since it’s our second debut, third including Yu Vin’s solo debut, we will use our past promotions as the foundation to work harder in our promotions this time.”

Regarding their new album, they shared, “We plan to release the ‘Phase’ series up to two or three. We will show a progressive side of ourselves through our very own universe.” Kim Kook Heon also expressed his satisfaction with their title track, “My Angel.” He explained, “I felt the feeling of falling in love during the first snow through this song. Among the five songs [in the album], this is the only one that lasts in my memory.” Song Yu Vin commented on their second title track, “Hands of a Clock,” sharing, “We are both studying practical music, so we picked a song where we could showcase our vocal abilities as the second title track.”

Given that male duos are fairly rare, many were curious as to who B.O.Y’s role models were. Song Yu Vin answered TVXQ, saying he wanted to showcase incredible performances like them. On the other hand, Kim Kook Heon adorably answered, “BTS and our other senior artists are my role models, but my very first role model is my mom.”

The duo also shared that their goal for 2020 is to win a rookie of the year award. Song Yu Vin added, “There were lots of hardships and obstacles, but we will use them as a foundation to steadily rise. We have nowhere else to go. We will work our hardest for this album.” Kim Kook Heon shared another goal, stating, “Our biggest goal is to make sure we don’t keep our fans waiting.”

B.O.Y’s new mini album “Phase One : YOU” will be released on January 7 at 12 p.m. KST.

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