Ailee Describes What Made Her A Longtime Fan Of BTS's Jimin's Voice

Ailee recently appeared on Eric Nam’s podcast, where he surprised her by giving her a question from a fan about her BTS bias!

On the January 6 episode of the “K-Pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam” podcast, Ailee was taken aback by the question and shared her worries about answering. She then said she does have a bias, and made him guess by saying, “I love his voice and the way he sings.” She was talking about Jimin!

She explained, “There’s just something in his voice, the way he sings. It just like seduces you. I’m not saying I’m attracted to him like that! But his voice is so captivating, and the way he sings it is just like mind-blowing. I feel like he’s an amazing vocalist. The way he does all his vocals and falsettos sometimes is just like, ‘Who is this guy?!'”

She shared that she’d first begun loving his voice when BTS was still a rookie group, back before they blew up in the United States. She said, “I was like, ‘I want to sing with him!’ I saw them performing on a music show, and I saw him. I was like, ‘Who is that kid?’ At the time I was like, ‘Who is that kid? He is so good! I want to do a song with him someday.’ I was actually looking for songs to sing with him and then they blew up and I was like, ‘Okay, never mind,'” earning a laugh from Eric Nam.

Watch the clip below!

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