K-Pop GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Our Resolutions Regarding The New Year

January seems to be passing pretty fast since we first welcomed 2020 and shared our hopes and dreams for the new year. But this time, resolutions may have evolved to a “new decade, new me” level. Whether it’s a new year, decade, or century, it has become a lifelong tradition to draft bucket lists with the usual goals that may or may not be fulfilled to the letter.

This being said, here are 25 K-pop GIFs that represent the most common “Expectations vs. Reality” moments everybody experiences at the beginning of every year.

Eating healthy

You start the year with a firm decision: “I’m starting a clean diet and nothing will come in the way.”


… Except that a few days later (weeks if you’re strong), you helplessly cave in to your cravings.


Drinking lots of water

Drinking water has nothing but benefits for your organs, skin, and body fluids. Conveniently, you’re adamant to commit to drinking a maximum of one gallon per day.


But as beneficial as it is, drinking water tends to get boring and the bathroom breaks don’t help either!


Exercising regularly

Whether it’s to be fit, to tone up, or to simply be (and stay) healthy, working out makes the list every single year.


But it takes a long time to see actual results, so you find yourself falling back into your old habits.


Sleeping better

Sleeping well, early, and enough is definitely a milestone on your list this year. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!


Sadly, life gets busy and somehow sleeping hours always end up being sacrificed for the sake of doing other things (*cough* I’m looking at you, fellow late-night binge-watchers.)


Being more organized

“This year, I’m going to maintain order in all aspects of my life” is what you tell yourself every December 31 at 23:59.


But how neat can you really get throughout the year?


Saving money

Frankly, this resolution is a myth. You start your year with a strong financial plan and you look up saving tips and tricks. Basically, you’re certain that your piggy bank will reach its full “penny” capacity by the time next January comes.


Well, we share your optimism… and also your disappointment. Somehow, there is always something that you want to get your hands on, like getting new electronics, going on a shopping spree, and let’s not forget K-pop fans who happen to be avid merchandise collectors!


Spending time with family

Nowadays, life is so rushed that spending quality family time seems to be difficult. So you promise yourself to sit more with your family and do activities together.


Now, if you’re an introvert or simply have too much on your plate to spare time, you find yourself drifting away. Either way, it’s nice to check up on them ⁠even if you’re in the same household, just text them and if you’re away from home, they’re only one phone call away!


Making new acquaintances

Even if you know plenty of people already, it’s good to expand your circle every now and then. It certainly brings great joy to meet new people, especially when you have things in common.


Unfortunately, things don’t always go the way you want. You end up either not investing enough time and energy to keep in touch or you simply meet the wrong people. It happens.


Picking up a hobby

When you’re a full-time student or employee, you barely find time to do anything for yourself. That’s when you start thinking about the last time you were passionate about something.


Again, life does its trick and you find yourself right where you started the year: swamped with work/studies, and you simply lose the motivation to hold on to your newly found leisure.


Learning something new

Expanding your horizons has definitely made your list at least once every few years. The most common interests in this area include picking up a new language, playing an instrument, mastering photography, and so on.


One thing you tend to forget is that learning something new requires commitment, which is not always the case for you.


Reading (more)

This one’s another fallen resolution that makes its comeback every 12 months. You keep motivating yourself by thinking of all your favorite authors and genres and how you’ll devour at least one book per month.


And you do end up devouring… hundreds of episodes of K-dramas, variety shows, and all those K-pop special reality shows that you just can’t get enough of.



Every year, you tell yourself that you will venture into the world and experience new cultures, and maybe even time it with a K-pop concert that’s playing in the country you choose to visit.


Two main issues keep you from honoring this objective: either you can’t afford the destination of your dreams, or studies/work gets in the way of your perfectly planned trip.


Practicing self-care

Just how many times have you written this resolution in all caps (perhaps even in red) and vowed to make it a lifestyle?


This year, it’s your duty to make this very expectation become your reality. Remember, your well-being always comes first!

Which resolution do you want to commit to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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