Han Seung Yeon Expresses Frustration With People's Expectations Of Her Grief + Addresses Malicious Commenters

Han Seung Yeon expressed her frustration with people’s expectations as to how she should feel and act in the wake of a loved one’s passing. January 7 KST, she wrote on her Instagram:

Let me ask one thing. This isn’t directed at netizens.

Does someone who’s lost a loved one have to stay at home and cry? It’s not even the case that I’m unstable, but if you can’t use me because you’re worried I’m going to be, then the least you can do is maintain common courtesy. If you’re going to change your mind as easily as you’d flip your palm, then at least be respectful.

How long is an appropriate time for me to do nothing?

Have you ever lost someone important to you?

You say to celebrities that they shouldn’t concern themselves with malicious comments, but do they concern you?

The post has since been edited, and now says:

What I said wasn’t directed at malicious commenters, but because many people were concerned..

Malicious comments? Then and now, I still find the lives of malicious commenters pitiful. While they’re chasing fun on a keyboard, I’m not the least bit ashamed because I’ve worked hard, and I’ve created a life for myself that I’m proud of.

Someone once said that the scope of entertainment that an entertainer provides includes being the subject of gossip for people’s enjoyment. I don’t think they’re entirely wrong.

However, I have no intention of giving my time and emotions to those pitiful people who chase that meaningless, petty fulfillment.

I don’t even have a lot of malicious commenters, but I’ve had my eye on a few of them and have been capturing their comments. Chase that fun a little too much, and it could ruin you.

Thank you for your concern.

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