Moon Geun Young Challenges Herself By Undertaking Scuba Diving For The First Time

Actress Moon Geun Young is ringing in the new year by undertaking a special kind of challenge!

On January 7, the actor uploaded several photos of herself undertaking the challenge of scuba diving for the first time. “I finally learned how to scuba dive!” she wrote. “I’ve always wanted to try it, but I kept putting it off and even gave up on ever realizing this dream. Then I decided to come and give it a go on a whim.”

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She went on to admit, “When I first went into the water, I cried. How could I have lived without knowing how wonderful this was? Why did I keep putting this off? Why couldn’t I gather the courage to do this? It took my breath away.”

“Lately, I’ve been becoming braver, little by little. I’m slowly finding things that I love to do. By doing so, I’m learning how to to truly live. I hope that we all can become more courageous in our lives.”

“May all of your dreams come true this year,” she concluded.

What an inspiring thing to share!

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