Political Party Presents Supposed Evidence Of Song Ha Ye’s Song Using Chart Manipulation + Agency Responds

A newly forming political party has presented supposed evidence of N Star Company, the PR agency of Song Ha Ye’s agency Plus Media, using digital chart manipulation.

SBS’s investigative journalism program “Unanswered Questions” previously aired an episode on digital chart manipulation on January 4.

During the episode, current and former entertainment industry representatives anonymously spoke about digital chart manipulation techniques. They said that programs are used to automatically create music site accounts, and software is used to run several computers on one device. Then programs and macros are run on computers and cell phones to automatically play a song on thousands of accounts at once.

On January 8, the preparatory committee for the establishment of the Right Solid Party held a press conference at the National Assembly and revealed a video from May 25, 2019 of an N Star Company employee playing Song Ha Ye’s song “Your Regards” in what appears to be a similar manner.

The committee noted that the song continuously rose on charts after the date that this video was taken, placing No. 35 on Melon on May 29, No. 27 on June 6, No. 15 on June 10, No. 6 on June 20, No. 5 on June 27, and No. 2 on July 1.

Spokesperson Kim Geun Tae commented, “The prosecution and police do not need to be investigating Park Kyung right now but should be investigating Song Ha Ye’s agency Plus Media and PR agency N Star Company.”

Kim Geun Tae continued, “The email address of this N Star Company employee who attempted digital chart manipulation is the same as that of two reporters who have written promotional articles for an internet media outlet. Trying to manipulate public opinion prevents a society of trust and harms fairness.”

The Right Solid Party also announced plans to report Plus Media and N Star Company to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office.

In response, Plus Media said that they are considering legal action against the Right Solid Party for making unconfirmed claims.

The agency added, “We have never carried out any business related to chart manipulation with N Star Company, who is said to have filmed the video and screenshots revealed by the Right Solid Party, and we plan on also taking legal action against N Star Company.”

“We have not carried out any chart manipulation regarding Song Ha Ye, and we will continue to take strong action regarding chart manipulation accusations,” the statement concludes.

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