Song Hyeong Jun And Kang Min Hee Pen Heartfelt Letters To Fans Following X1's Disbandment

Following Kim Woo Seok and Cho Seung Youn, Kang Min Hee and Song Hyeong Jun have also written to fans following X1’s recent disbandment.

On January 8, their agency Starship Entertainment shared the following heartfelt letters:

Hello, this is Min Hee.

First of all, I want to say thank you and sorry to everyone who loves and supports us.

I always felt only apologetic while watching all of you just quietly wait for us, and now this sudden news has been relayed to you.

Fans came to my mind first, and I felt worried and apologetic. And I felt regretful as I thought about everything I wasn’t able to do for fans.

Thank you for giving me precious times until this point and for always giving me greater love and support than what I gave. Our members and all of our times spent together were happy, and I will never forget them.

And I also express gratitude to the Swing Entertainment staff who helped us a lot. You have worked hard through this point.

Please continue to support and watch over the 11 of us.

I will also work harder and not give up to be able to stand in front of fans again. Thank you.

To ONE IT (X1’s fan club name) who I love – From Min Hee

Hello.. ONE IT.. This is Hyeong Jun.

First of all, I am so sorry to ONE IT who supported and loved us.

I always wanted to give back to ONE IT’s love, but looking back now, I feel really regretful wishing that I had expressed that more to our ONE IT.

Thank you so much for making me feel, “I am loved,” and “I am doing well.”

I think I was able to shine thanks to ONE IT.

Although we are now going on our separate paths from X1, please continue to watch over our members and support them.

Thank you also to our Swing Entertainment family that took care of us and looked after us until this point.

Our short promotion period really felt like a dream, and I was so glad and happy to meet our ONE IT and people, memories, and love that I will never be able to forget.

All days spent together with ONE IT were very precious, and I have been thankful.

ONE IT.. thank you and sorry again.

I will improve further and greet you again.

I love you so much, ONE IT..

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