Sung Hoon Turns Into An Affectionate, Awkward Babysitter On

Sung Hoon experienced life with a toddler on “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”)!

On the January 10 episode, Sung Hoon visited the home of comedian Hwang Jae Sung with a gift for his son Soo Hyun in the chance that he would not be able to make his first birthday party.

Sung Hoon began his babysitting duties by washing his hands. Going the extra mile by putting on hand sanitizer on his neck, he said, “Just in case.” Hwang Jae Sung and his wife were able to relax at the table and enjoy the Malatang that the actor brought for them while he looked after the baby.

Hwang Jae Sung told Sung Hoon, “You have to speak in a high-toned voice to a baby,” and the actor followed suit. Sung Hoon revealed that it was his first time holding a baby and looked visibly nervous when Soo Hyun was in his arms, worrying that he might hurt the child if he made a mistake. Hwang Jae Sung advised him to hold him so that Soo Hyun’s back was touching his heart. Impressed by Sung Hoon’s care, Hwang Jae Sung asked, “Should we use him as our babysitter?”

The actor kept his eye on the baby. He cleared some things out of the way when Soo Hyun went to play in his dollhouse and played with him in the ball pool. The couple opened and loved Sung Hoon’s gift, which turned out to be a car seat for Soo Hyun. They tried out the car seat in the living room, and Sung Hoon looked proud as Soo Hyun happily sat in the safety chair.

Speaking about the actor, Hwang Jae Sung said, “I don’t have many friends like him who take good care of me like this. I don’t know why, but he doesn’t usually express himself.” Sung Hoon commented in his interview, “Today was a day where I realized that marriage and parenting are things that are far away, and things I’m not yet ready for. I felt happy seeing my friend and someone I like living joyfully like this.”

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