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Shin Sung Rok is finally an official member of “Master in the House”!

On January 12, the members of “Master in the House” met their new cast mate Shin Sung Rok and attempted to perform a cheerleading routine.

The episode began with a countdown to the new member’s appearance on the show, and Shin Sung Rok appeared with only his silhouette showing behind a screen. He danced to Michael Jackson, but quickly became flustered when Lee Seung Gi shouted, “Show us more! Show us more!” The actor eventually stepped out from behind the screen and introduced himself to the ecstatic members.

After his introduction, Shin Sung Rok was forced to undergo “variety” hazing rituals prepared by the other members. He wore a superhero costume for Lee Sang Yoon, ate lemons after spinning around multiple times for Lee Seung Gi, and drank bitter tea for Yook Sungjae. Yang Se Hyung took out a microphone and had the new member singing and dancing to an upbeat track. Shin Sung Rok took everything in stride and surprised the members, who were positive that the tasks would seem impossible for him.

Satisfied with Shin Sung Rok’s performance, the members voiced their approval, but they soon burst out laughing when he bluntly introduced himself by saying, “I’m a professional.” He then added, “I’d like if [the show] catered towards me for a while,” making the members crack up once again.

The members later met their new masters: the members of the national cheerleading team. Shin Sung Rok couldn’t help but comment, “Why is it like this only when I’m here,” and the members became even more nervous when the production team informed them that they would be performing a cheer routine at a basketball game the following day.

The members spent the rest of the day trying to perfect their “cheer faces” and performing various cheerleading stunts, including an “Elevator,” where a member steps onto the other cheerleaders’ hands to rise into the air, and a “Basket Toss,” where a member is tossed into the air.

“Master in the House” airs on Sundays at 6:25 p.m. KST.

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