GOT7 Writes Touching Messages To Fans On 6th Anniversary

GOT7 and their fans Ahgases are celebrating the group’s sixth anniversary!

The JYP Entertainment group debuted on January 16 of 2014 when they performed their track “Girls Girls Girls” on “M!Countdown.”

On January 16 of this year, the members shared letters to their fans via Instagram. Read them below!


To Ahgase,

Everyone, it’s our sixth anniversary. I didn’t know time would go by this fast… We’ve been able to come this far because you are always supporting us. I sincerely thank you.
I pray that you’re always happy.
Every time I see you, I feel touched and many thoughts come to mind. I really hope that our fans don’t go through any hardships. I would be happy if our songs gave you strength in your life.
Many things have happened in the past six years, we’ve laughed and cried together with you, and you’ve really worked hard. Thank you.
I hope that all of our time together becomes a beautiful memory!
Once again, happy sixth anniversary, and thank you! Peace!


Hello~ It’s Jackson!
I can’t believe it’s been six years.
I think time has really flown by since our debut.
Since we’ve just been rushing forward and only looking ahead, now that I look back I realize that we’ve really done a lot.
I’ve learned a lot too and experienced a lot, and I think we and our fans have both grown.
In the future, I’ll continue to show you how I’ve improved and show better music and better projects!
I’ll be a better Jackson. I promise.
As I always say, we still have a long way to go but I’m lacking in skill and experience so all I can do is keep working harder and harder.
Of course fans are always worrying about me and saying ‘Jackson rest a bit. Take care of your health and don’t be sick,’ but I’ve never regretted anything. Something I’ve always thought is, ‘Be grateful when you can do something and definitely do it’ and ‘If I don’t do this now, it’s possible I won’t get the chance again.’
My only thought is that I want us to make even greater history while we’re able. To me, the important thing isn’t whether we can or we can’t make it, it’s whether we try or not.
Thank you and I’ll work hard. Please watch over me.


To Ahgase~

Hi, our birds~ It’s already been six years! Thank you for being the reason for our strength and happiness for six years! I’ve been so happy from 2014 until now. Let’s be happy in 2020 too! Let’s make beautiful memories! Happy sixth anniversary, Ahgase. I love you!


To Ahgase,

Six-year-old Ahgase. Happy birthday.
The six years you’ve spent with GOT7 haven’t always been spent walking on a flowery path, have they? Still, I’ve been happy thanks to the Ahgase who make flowers bloom in our hearts. I can’t say that I’ll be able to make it so that we’re always just walking on a flowery path, but I promise that I’m going to try hard with the same feelings as always.
Thank you. I love you.


To our Ahgase,

It’s already our sixth anniversary. Since we’ve spent it together with you, I think time really flew by. We’ve spent all our time together, including happy, sad, and joyful times, and so I think we have a lot of memories! You should all take our happiness so that you can be happier!


To. Ahgase,
Hello, it’s BamBam.
It’s already been six years. I never imagined time could go by this quickly. Thank you for making me into a good person in the past six years. If it weren’t for you, I think I wouldn’t be able to confidently do the things I love like I do now.
I sincerely thank you. You always say you’re proud of us, but I’m also proud of you. So much.
Thank you for being together with us for six years. Please keep taking care of me.


To Ahgase!
Our Ahgase, we’ve already been together for six years. I’m really sad because time seems to speed up as it goes on.
I want to make the time we spend together go slowly and I want us to quickly make many memories together.
We exist because of you, and I’m thankful every day.
I hope that we can be the same for you.
I always love and support you.

Happy anniversary, GOT7!

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