7 Times DAY6 Stole Our Hearts In Interviews

Extremely talented and hardworking, full of wisdom and entertainment factor, DAY6 really is the full package! When they are not on stage impressing us all with their beautiful songs and crazy musical skills, they can brighten up our days while doing something as simple as answering interview questions. Their refreshing honesty and hilarious answers stole our hearts in seconds, and it was really hard to choose our favorite moments from the past years.

Here are some of the greatest DAY6 interviews to brighten up your day!

The friendship test

There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing our favorite boys’ genuine love for each other, and DAY6 showed us exactly this in their friendship test with Glamour. Getting to know how they met and seeing them hug each other is just too sweet to handle, and yet, we are craving for more and more interactions like this one!

This cute 2017 interview

Traveling back in time a bit, DAY6 in 2017 was just as carefree and entertaining as they are now! If you wanna see Wonpil imitating JYP, the members challenged to do “aegyo,” or Young K messing up his stage name, don’t miss out on this old but gold interview with the boys!

DAY6 on the Zach Sang Show

While we love and adore DAY6 members being their dorky selves and making their interviews as fun as possible, sometimes it’s worth listening to them talk about their music process, main goals and aspirations, and their characters. In this interview, Zach Sang asked the boys just the right questions, and it was great to hear their honest, in-depth answers. If you want to get to know the members a little better, this interview is perfect for you!

“Would you rather?”

This game makes every sleepover more exciting, and it’s just as fun to watch our favorite idols choose between two extreme or ridiculous options. DAY6 won’t disappoint; their answers vary from silly to witty, but they can’t stop being adorable even for a minute.

DAY6 and the Emo Song Lyric Challenge

Let’s get on this nostalgia ride and travel back to the early 2000s to remember our emo days! That’s exactly what DAY6 did in their interview with Seventeen. We can get a real grasp of Jae’s emo phase in this short video, and see how they are working to figure out the lyrics of these throwback hits.

Playing “The SIMS 4”

Fans of “The SIMS,” gather here! If you’ve been a fan of this popular game, you will definitely love this interview where DAY6 members are trying to recreate themselves in the game. Leader Sungjin’s “SIMS” character is actually quite impressive, so the boys did a really great job while entertaining us with their usual dorky comments.

The song association game

We just can’t get enough of American interviews of DAY6 where we can also get to hear their honey-like voices! “Elle” invited the boys to take part in their song association game, and DAY6 was up for the challenge. From artists like Bazzi and Kelly Clarkson to their own biggest hits, we can hear them humming along to a lot of different songs, and it’s definitely a sweet chaos.

My Days! What other interviews would you recommend for new fans of DAY6? Tell us your favorite moments in the comments below!

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